David Osio’s Executive Team Launches New Real Estate App

David Osio has announced that the Davos Real Estate Group will be connecting with customers through their mobile phones with the Davos Cap Calculator app.


The Davos Real Estate Group, owned by the Davos Financial Group, is taking its focus on investment strategy and applying it to technology in a way that allows their clients to take advantage experience from the comfort of their smartphones.


Gerard Gonzalez, Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, made the group’s mission in 2016 to perfect this app for release. Along with tech startup Tecknolution, the Davos Cap Calculator was designed to be useful in helping clients determine whether or not investment properties are the right move for them depending on the potential expenses associated with that property.


David Osio has said that this attention given to technology lines up with the Davos Real Estate Group’s overall business prospects in the year to follow. It allows the group to guide their clients in making financial choices even when not engaged in direct consultation. With this application, clients will be able to approximate their monthly cost after acquiring a property and potential returns on their initial investment.


The overall aim of empowering clients will be made simpler when Davos releases even more apps in this campaign. Some of these apps will let clients research the history of certain properties and engage in direct chat with group representatives. The next scheduled for release is the Mortgage Calculator makes for predicting mortgages based on loans by banks, rates of interest, and funding periods.


The continued development of their apps is working in concert with their goal of establishing new strategic partnerships in international markets, particularly in Europe, beginning with Spain.


About David Osio:


After landing a leadership position with Banco Latino International in Miami, David Osio ventured on his own to start the Davos Financial Group, providing financial advice to business leaders all over Latin America. Under his leadership, Osio watched his group grow into one of the largest financial management companies in the business, setting up offices in Panama, Miami, Geneva, and New York.


Outside of his regular business obligations, Osio has a long history of being involved with non-profit organizations that help cultivate and promote art and culture that organically sprout from communities, as well as those that seek to offer medical relief for the under privileged such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, Fundana Foundation, and many others.

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Why The Lung Institute is the Leading Lung Treatment In the US?

Finding the best healthcare can be stressful. After all, your health literally depends on it. If you’re suffering from a lung disease you may be interested in The Lung Institute. The Lung Institute is the leading institution for treatments of various conditions such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, and much more. Another issue that arises for many is that the best healthcare treatment facilities aren’t anywhere near them. However, you can find their institutions throughout the United States in major cities such as Scottsdale, Nashville, Tampa, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. You can find more information about The Lung Institute on their website.

The Lung Institute has a high success rate in treating patients due to the type of therapy used. Stem cell therapy is one of best ways to treat lung conditions because it is a very safe and minimally invasive procedure. The stem cells used will come from your own body. This is great for a number of reasons. Stem cells from your own body are far less likely to be rejected.

The process as explained by cedars-sinai is done in three steps. First, you’ll have the stem cells collected and extracted by one of two methods. The next step is to divide the stem cells from the other cells. Finally, the stem cell will be placed back into the bloodstream. The two options for harvesting the stem cells is either through blood (venous) or from bone marrow. Obviously blood venous is the preferred method by both doctors and patients as it usually holds enough stem cells to treat the patient, is less invasive, and has less pain and discomfort. In a more severe case or condition, however, the bone marrow method may be the better option. For example, most patients with COPD will have stem cells harvested by blood and most patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will need a bone marrow procedure.

The entire process takes three days and that is regardless of the type of harvesting you’ll need. Once the stem cells are placed back into the blood stream, they will travel through the heart. The blood leaving your heart and traveling straight into the lung will carry those same stem cells through and will be trapped in the lungs. This is when the stem cells will begin repairing the damaged tissues within the lungs. Visit lunginstitute.com for more information.



Entrepreneurship: Where Innovation and Pursuit Come Together to Breed Success

I began working at the Amway corporation in 1974 where I held leadership positions in numerous departments. Amway was founded by Jay Van Andel and my father Richard DeVos Sr. in 1959.

The original product that was sold by Amway was a liquid bio-degradable and eco-friendly cleaner. Since then, the international corporation has generously expanded the product line to include beauty, health, and personal products as well.

Throughout my business career, I have made every effort to strive towards success by not allowing my present position to become a hindrance to my growth. After five years of achievements in the Amway multi-level marketing industry, I went on to develop my very own corporation called Windquest Group.

Windquest Group is an investment marketing firm housing a team of high-powered professionals, executives, and business leaders.

Following years of personal growth and sacrifice my father graciously appointed me to manage the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. After five years of management, the Orlando Magic Basketball team has won five division championships including a record of sixty victories from 1995-1996.

No matter how far I’ve come in my endeavors, I still found my way back home to the family business. In 1993 I returned to the Amway Corporation in preparation for the succession of my father.

In 2000 I oversaw the reconstruction of the company and created an umbrella firm by the name of Alticor which houses Amway, Quixtar, and the Windquest Business Group. Under Alticor, the company has expanded its operations to more than 50 countries and six continents.

I didn’t limit my career to business pursuits. In 2006 I decided to run as a Republican candidate for Governor in the state of Michigan. At that time, I was the wealthiest person ever to run for the governorship.

Traits seen throughout my life are generational leadership and innovative spirit. Hard work, faith, and innovation are the bridgeworks that built the road to my success.



Talk Fusion: The Dream Is Now Reality

When people are kids or young adults, they have dreams, sometimes very big dreams. It is always important to dream big. With dreams, it allows people to get up in the morning and have something to look forward to and something that is going to get them excited all of the time. Sometimes, they lose sight of that dream for whatever reason and it falls by the wayside. Maybe they have forgotten about their dream. There is also this thing called real life which requires money, bills, and responsibility. Because of this, many people don’t pursue their dreams or they give up on their dreams.


It’s not that they don’t want the dream or they have changed their minds. It is just that their life has changed. Bob Reina knows this and is aware of it. He hears from people all the time and is in constant communication with them. Because of this, he realized it was time to start Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video communications service with video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. Basically, it had everything anyone could want to start up their dream. A lot of people have had a dream of being a blogger or a writer and getting paid for it.


They want to make enough money to where they can quit their regular job and stay at home, write from home, and when people are doing something they love, it does not feel like a job. Now, nearly ten years later, Talk Fusion has made so many dreams come true. One of the great things about the job is the fact that Talk Fusion has made a real difference in their lives and changed it for the better. That is why Bob Reina and his team do what they do each and every single day. It is also why they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation.


This honors companies that have made products that are not like other products and products that stand out and keep their eye on the prize in terms of improvement.

New Chairman Appointed at the Capital Group

Timothy Armour was selected by Capital Group to serve them as the chairman of the company on July 2015. He was among the leading candidates having a vast experience in investment for about 33 years. Capital Group commonly termed as the home of American funds is one the top best companies when it comes to fund management. Timothy got a paramount role in fighting against the rising index tracker funds among active fund managers.

Capital Group manages about $1.4 trillion in the form of assets and is determined to rebuild its market share which has fallen a little bit behind the upcoming passive fund managers. It is a tough challenge for Capital Group after the loss of Jim Rothenberg who died serving as the chairman.

Tim Armour being the chosen chairman, says that Jim was a great leader who made very purposeful decisions for the betterment of their clients, associates as well as investors. He added that even as they mourn his death, they should know that the strength of the company lies in the collective talents of all the stakeholders. And thus should work together to deliver their mission and continue their 84 years legacy of success and fulfillment of clients expectations.

Another management rearrangement included additions of responsibilities to the grandson of the company’s founder, Rob Lovelace. Recently Armour had the chance to make some decisions for the company such as lifting some of its secrecy operations and also dealing with the media. He has also previously served Mr Rothenberg as his deputy, and with other executives, they would support in-house research aimed at driving long-term benefits to specific types of active fund management. The company has considerably improved on its sales operations and is still relishing the resulting fruits of the improved long-term performance of some key funds such as the suite of the American Mutual Funds.

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Capital Group managed to receive new monies which are more compared to what other groups got within the first half of the year. This is according to information released by Lipper data where Vanguard led with an inflow of $127 billion and Capital Group drew with $17 billion.

Timothy Armour says that everyone should not always work towards some set or targeted returns when better opportunities are lying in the market. He believes that active managers can do better in the long run if they stop churning their portfolios and keep the charging fee as low as possible. Through advertising and carrying out research on active management as suggested by Timothy Armour, Capital Group has managed to turn their flows again.

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Brian Bonar is a Golden Entrepreneur in Restaurant Knowledge

Anyone who is anything in the world of finance is familiar with the name Brian Bonar. He is a finance mogul and has been well known in the business for many years. He worked for companies like IBM and the Dalrada Finance Corp. It was in San Diego that he opted to start his own career in the restaurant business.

In San Diego, Brian decided to begin a new area of his life. Brian decided that it was time that he make his dream come true. Brian opted to open a restaurant and called it Bellamy’s. This is the first endeavor in the business world that he has taken on. He understands how to make money and therefore knows that in order to make a profit immediately out of the gate, he must establish a high cost per plate ratio. Not many people think about how high to make the price right out the gate however Brian knew, if I set the cost high, less people come in which allows for the feeling to maintain intimate yet the food is so good that people will continue paying the high cost which makes him profitable immediately.

When Brian was a small boy, he always dreamed of being rich and famous. He knew at some point in his life, he wanted to be a business owner. For him to do this, he knew he had to work his way up from the bottom. He went on in school to take on the technical portion of business and graduated from the James Watt Technical College with his bachelors and went on to earn his master’s at Stafford University.

Brian held on to his passion for work and this led him down the path to operating his very own restaurant. He knew that he wanted to at some point make people happy and what a better way than to do that than to own and operate his own restaurant. He wanted to make an impact on people and this allowed him to do so.

Bellamy’s has been a huge success and will continue to be a success with Brian Bonar at the fore front of the business. Everything that he touches is golden and this is sure to be just another one of his golden business endeavors.

InnovaCare Health: Providing Affordable Healthcare Solutions From The Leadership of Rick Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. His twenty years of experience in medical facilities, both on the floor and in the office has given him a well-balanced background. Dr. Shinto has been in leadership positions in the medical field before. Previously he was the Chief Executive Officer Aveta Inc. and the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California. His floor experience was a pulmonologist and internists while he was located in southern California. Before making the jump to InnovaCare, Rick Shinto was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. This award demonstrates his ability to succeed thinking outside of the box and excelling in the service category. He was greatly honored to have received this acknowledgment.

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Penelope Kokkinides – CAO of InnovaCare
Aveta Inc. President & CEO Rick Shinto, M.D. Receives Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Penelope Kokkinides is a key contributor to the success of InnovaCare Health. She has more than twenty years in the medical profession with specific expertise working with government programs, Medicare and Medicaid. Penelope worked at Aveta Inc. as the Chief Operating Office and the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Her specialties are developing clinical programs and health care facilities. Penelope Kokkinides is a proactive thinker. She has the desire to be prepared and understand the happenings of the industry that you work in. This has been a key to her success. She is team oriented and relies on her team to be there when she needs them and vice versa. Technology is critical in this current day and age with the ability to stay connected. As she travels daily this is important to stay in touch, knowing current events and be included in the office happenings. One question she always asks is “why”. A book that she recommends is “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek.

InnovaCare Health’s priority are their patients. They work diligently at creating plans that are long lasting and affordable. The health care business is very complex and Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are helping to lead the way for the benefit of the patient. The innovative plans and pro-active thinking, understanding the industry trends works hand in hand with being successful. Also, InnovaCare Health provides up-to-date technology to ensure you are provided with quality health care.

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Out With Old, In With the New – Lip Balm

In the past lip balm has been considered medical product aimed at both men and women. Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has revolutionized the lip balm aisle which as been stagnant for years. Taking on the personal care persona really lifted the brand to the next level. Consumer research indicated that this product was primarily used by females. Women enjoy great packaging, that is attractive and appealing. The small tear drop design, coupled with the scents and flavors were perfect marketing, think fresh and fruity. The overall feeling that should be experienced when using EOS lip balm should be of pleasure and put a smile on your face. The ingredients are all organic and safe to use. Another plus when females are looking at it.

Sanjiv Mehra, a co-founder, and managing partner of EOS used a strategy not typical with most start-ups. Start small, perfect the product, brand, and distribution and look for fast growth after all that is completed. The founders were smart in how they started up the company. They have not sought out external investment using their own start-up funds. Evolution of Smooth was in this business for the long haul from the beginning. Having the foresight to purchase their own equipment and not relying on third party manufacturers. The early investment is a hit but in the long run, it protects them. Having the manufacturing in-house also protects trade secrets to producing the lip balm.

If you are looking for a quality lip balm for that special woman in your life, look no further. She will be thrilled you picked up so EOS for her. Visit evolutionofsmooth.com to see the complete list of EOS Products.

EOS products are also sold on Target and via http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos.


Marketing To Consumers With Gooee IoT

In the past, marketing initiatives have been built to come as close to the consumer in as real time as possible. Marketing winter snow tires on the radio to reach people in their cars around the time of the first snow fall or just before. Sending out promo flyers for thanksgiving hams two weeks before Christmas in the mail.

Then, click marketing and cookies begin to track consumers on the internet, keeping records of their shopping bags and advertising the item on the screens when they navigate away from the page, keeping tabs on what they buy and keeping their minds on it. Although an idea, maybe not the most effective or usable for the consumer.

Now making it’s way into stores are Gooee IoT smart lights, which may be so much better for consumers and advertisers alike. Smart lights are able to detect light at the same level as the human eye, being able to detect where humans are in the stores. The smart sockets can communicate with smart phones, smart watches, and other devices so advertisers can send customers coupons and rebates in real time, as they are looking at the product itself. This is bound to make shopping a breeze for many customers and can save them a lot of money. It is also good for advertisers as it will be more appealing to consumers to try new products in the moment and get quick feedback, providing them with easier and more efficient market research.

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LEDs are Good. Smart Lights are Better

Josh Verne’s Take on Succeeding in Business and Life

Main Points



It’s Better to be a Leader than a Boss



In management, there are two kinds of people: a leader and a boss. Bosses use their position to meet their personal goals and are more interested in what serves their best interest. Furthermore, bosses do not command respect they demand respect. On the other hand, leaders command respect by putting their people before themselves. Leaders use the respect they have earned to meet the goals that they have set together with their team. If you put the interests of others first and act by example, you and your followers will be able to accomplish anything you want.



Aim for Win-Win Situations



Do not settle for a plan that has a win-lose outcome. Strive for a win-win outcome. Aim to achieve a win for all stakeholders- you, your clients, your employees, and your society. The moment you refrain from accepting win-lose situations, you will find the best solution every time you are dealing with a surprising issue or new client. This mentality will boost your business, team, and reputation to great heights.



Listen More than You Speak



The reason you have one mouth and two years is for you to apply them in that specific proportion. When you speak less, your words have more power and your appearance is more authoritative, and your audience is more eager to listen to you.



Maintain Balance in Your Life



Life is all about balance. No money in the world can buy you health or a loving family. Conversely, a loving family and good health cannot compensate for money. To maintain balance in life you must spend the same amount of time at work, at home with your family, and on your health. Ensure you advance all areas of your life and improve equal bits of your wealth, health, personal growth, and relationships.



Find Your Passion



The key to success is to find your passion. Although there are many passionate people who are not successful, very few people succeed without passion. Determine what ignites a fire in you and gives you a reason to rise up every morning. Look for something that makes you sacrifice the exciting things in life. Without a passion, your life will be full of monotony and boring drudgery.



About Josh Verne



After graduating from high school in 1995, Mr. Josh Verne was incorporated into his family’s furniture distribution business. Mr. Verne worked his way up the ranks and initiated various strategic moves that established Workpays as a leader in furniture distribution.