Author, Entrpreneur & Community Servant Dr. Clay Siegall

Have you ever heard of a guy named Clay Siegall? Are you interested in the field of cancer research? Have you ever heard of a company that’s known as Seattle Genetics? Well, all three of these questions have a connection because all three are tied to the same subject. Clay Siegall, Ph.D.,is the head man in charge at Seattle Genetics. This company specializes in developing targeted-cancer therapies, and it commercializes the therapies for greater use. Dr. Siegall has been involved with many of the industries top organizations. These organizations just so happens to be the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Siegall is from the old school in a sense, but he uses new-age technology to fight cancer.

Siegall has many different titles because he has a diverse educational background. Many people know him to be a scientist, a doctor, a businessman and a civil servant. Seattle Genetics was founded back in 1998, but no one really new if it would make an impact on society. Siegall has been dedicated from day one because this deadly illness has reached home. While in college, his father became stricken with cancer. The aggressive treatments during that particular time was hard to witness. Amputations and radical surgeries were the norm, but Siegall knew that there had to be a better way. After the passing of his father, Siegall’s mind was set on becoming a force in cancer research. He ended-up attaining a B.S. in Zoology as well as attaining a Ph.D in Genetics. Respectively, these high-level degrees came from the affluent George Washington University and from the University of Maryland.

As of present day, Seattle Genetics has become a major force in cancer research. The company’s top medication, ADCETRIS, has generated hundreds of millions of dollars and Siegall himself has won numerous awards in the process. The guy has literally written up to 70 publications that pertains to this subject, and he holds at least 15 patents. Brighter days are upon us all and Dr. Clay Siegall is doing his absolute best to keep it this way.