An Amazing Dating App by Whitney Wolfe

When technology emerged, people thought that app development was meant for men only. But that is not the case with Whitney Wolfe. She is the founder of the most popular dating app -Bumble that has given women freedom in the dating world.

As an entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe is the mirror to most women. She encourages women to be free and talk. Speaking means giving their opinions and saying exactly what they want.
Whitney Wolfe an eye opener to women. Using Bumble dating app, Whitney Wolfe has given many women power to send a dating proposals to men. Her dating app is designed in such a way that, it does not allow a man to text first once the match is found. This means that men have no power in Whitney Wolfe’s world of dating.

With the emergence of Bumble dating app, women have become free to express their say in the dating field. They can pick the best match for them and even drop them when they want. Whitney Wolfe states that, when you meet a person online and start liking him, you are always looking for an opportunity to meet the person. You want things to materialize in a good way, which can lead to a great partnership and friendship in future. However, it is also a known fact that giving too much information to a man who you have never met in person can be very hard. It also becomes more dangerous in case you do not have any common friends. This puts you at a disadvantage of not knowing background of your date.

Hence, when you meet the person for an actual face to face date, you need to be very careful about what information should you share and what all to keep mum about. That type of problem was present in some years back mostly to ladies. But with Bumble dating app, ladies can ask all types of questions from men give suggestions.

So, why do women need to emulate Whitney Wolfe? One, she is always focused and open minded. In addition to that, she is the best woman entrepreneur to emulate.

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