A maven among mavericks

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a maverick in her industry. Her father, Jess Jackson founded the powerhouse vineyard, leaders of the wine industry are usually reserved for men. But Juliia took this notion and tossed it out the window. In this spirit Julia created founded an organization committed to help inspire young women to achieve greatness. Julia puts her money where her mouth is. Donating 100,000 every year to young women who “powered through” lives that were filled with tribulation. Julia seemed to have a natural affinity to the wine industry, seen picking, and selecting grapes as a child.Her college days were split among 2 institutions. One was Scripps College. Where she earned her Bachelors degree, cementing her business acumen. She later attended Stanford Graduate School of business. Julia Jackson

During college she took over as the spokesperson of Jackson Family Wines while completing her certificate in 2010.Part of her family empire includes Champ de’Reves, where Pinot Noir is born. The harvest is kept at a minimum to breed the appreciation that these unique high altitude flavors reign. The Vineyard has a unique landscape built in soil with varying soils. The altitude and unique sun exposure gives the Decomposed sandstone an abundance of minerals all while maintaining a strict standard of flavor. Champ de’Reves version of Pinot Noir is known to have a powerful bouquet that highlights the cold climate of this fan favorite. Julia has placed her family vineyard with a great future outlook. Only fitting for a Wine Maven.