Vijay Eswaran: From a Taxi Driver to a Millionaire

A well-known leader in Asia, Vijay Eswaran, is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. He is also the co-founder of the multi-million dollar firm QI Group and an author of several books. Eswaran is a recipient of many awards and honors including ASEAN Business CEO of the Year (2013) and Asia Heroes Philanthropy list. Coming from a humble background, he began working as a cab driver earning a modest income. He was introduced to multi-level marketing and was able to turn his financial situation around and, in the process, built a net worth of $550 million.

Having learned what it takes to be successful Vijay Eswaran shares tips on what it takes to achieve economic prosperity. Influenced by servant leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela, Vijay believes “service above self” is the most exceptional quality to be successful. Caring, clarity of vision, commitment to growth, strong core values and creating a will to sacrifice are the qualities a good servant leader should have.

Change is another quality Eswaran sees as a necessity to being successful in life. To see the progression and positive growth one must invoke change to their lives for without change nothing ever evolves. Vijay states that change starts from within and like a magnet spreads out in concentric circles influencing those around us. Change inevitably brings one closer to others who are experiencing the same thing while drawing us far from those not willing to change.

Another key to success that Eswaran views as crucial is fear. To him, fear is an excitement in disguise that our brain suppresses to protect ourselves from failing. Revealing something that one should work on, Vijay states that fear is a guide, showing us the way. Fear of the unknown is a great motivator for growth as a life of predictability and familiarity does not lead to progress.

In his book “Two Minutes from Abyss”, Eswaran explains why it is important to approach life with a sense of urgency and vitality for success in life and business. Intending it as a thinking tool, he shares some principles that have helped see him through challenges his life.

The Experienced Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a co-founder and the CEO of Fortress Investment Group. His journey of becoming a prominent figure in the world of business has taken turns and twists that has enabled him to gain valuable experience. For instance, he started his career in the early 1980s where he did a short stint in California Savings and Loan at Merril Lynch and Smith Barney. Wes Edens later moved and joined Lehman Brothers where he served customers in the mortgage division as Partner before he later became the Managing Director in the year 1993. He later joined BlackRock from the year 1993 where he becomes the managing director and a partner of the subsidiary company that is the BlackRock Financial Management and then formed his first private equity fund referred as the BlackRock Asset Investors. Later in 1997 he went on to join UBS and became the Managing Director of the other affiliated companies.

The idea of incorporating and forming the Fortress Investment Group begun in the year in 1997 when together with his two colleagues Randal Nardone and Robert Kauffman resigned from UBS to concentrate on their new venture. The formation of the Fortress Investment Group was to invest in the resources in distressed assets. To be competitive in the market, Fortress Investment Group and Goldman Sachs Group joined forces to become one making it possible to pool the resources. In the year 2005, Wes Edens via Fortress Investment Group is said to have refinanced the $272.5 million debt that Michael Jackson is said to owe the Bank of American. The company has experienced significant growth, and in the year 2007, it was listed in the New York Stock Exchange where Wes Edens holds more than 18.1% stake estimated to be worth $2.3 billion.

Currently, Wesley Eden is worth at least $940 million. Rather than business, Eden has played a significant role in a charity where he donates his resources to support the good courses that aim at improving the living conditions of the needy in the society. Eden contributions mainly target education, health and art-related aspects that enhance the living standards. For instance, not long ago, the donations have exceeded $2.7 million which is distributed across various institutions in the community. Some of the benefactors of the donations are Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, University of Florida, and other foundations that deal with environmental protection. Wes Eden has played a significant role in navigating Fortress Group to success.

Jeunesse Global sets international sales records with Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse Global is one of the fastest-growing health and beauty companies in the world today. Founded in 2009 by direct-selling industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has grown from a tiny hobby business into one of the most significant purveyors of health and beauty products throughout the globe.

Ray and Lewis had just embarked on a life of retirement in August of 2009. But it only took the innately industrious couple a little more than two weeks to discover that they greatly missed the excitement and sense of purpose that the business world had to offer. Ray and Lewis had been successful entrepreneurs for decades, making enough money by their early 30s that they would have never had to work another day in their lives.

But the couple continues creating and growing some of the top companies in the North American direct-selling industry. Ray and Lewis simply loved what they did. And their remarkable success reflected their passion.

With Jeunesse Global, that passion for creating great products and first-rate opportunities for distributors began showing through from the first days of the company’s operation. Within its first year, Jeunesse had managed to recruit more than a dozen distributors and sell over $1 million in products. By its fifth year, the company was doing tens of millions per year in sales and had operations in many countries.

The key underlying factor in the company’s rapid success has been its ability to create great products. With products like Jeunesse Global’s potent anti-aging formula, Instantly Ageless, the company has been able to create a huge buzz and strong demand. The micro-crème serves as a high-performance facial cleanser, removing even the tiniest grime and dirt particles and ensuring that users’ complexions remain blemish free.

Instantly Ageless also contains the Jeunesse Global anti-aging molecule that has the world of beauty raving. Known as APT-200, the molecule is clinically proven to help reduce wrinkles, prevent the formation of new ones and to restore skin elasticity that has been naturally lost to the aging process.

Instantly Ageless can help wipe years off a user’s face in just a couple minutes per day.

Accomplishment and Success: Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is ambitious and committed to his entrepreneur business. H is the CEO and founder of Fortress Investment Group. This company specializes in assets management, and it has been leading in the industry. Before Randal Nardone started his work with Fortress, he served Thacher Proffitt & Wood which is a law firm. Randal worked with this law firm in their legal department for quite some years and decided to shift his career to the financial industry.

Mr. Nardone was much confident that there were lots of opportunities in the financial industry and more so investment field that he knew he could make a difference. And it is through the passion and commitment that he has towards the Fortress Company that made the company to thrive to greater heights. And with the skills and experience Nardone had, he established Fortress Investment Group. Since he was serving in senior positions of the companies that had hired him before and from their operations and management, he learned various skills that he integrated into his own investment group.

The leadership and management of Randal Nardone in the Fortress Investment Group offered opportunities to clients to achieve and accomplish their business goals. He valued the investors that associated themselves with Fortress and ensured that they are satisfied with the services they receive from the company. There are lots of testimonies from the employees that work with Randal since they feel comfortable serving the company under his leadership. They are always encouraged and motivated to work hard in all the responsibilities that they execute. Also, Randal Nardone puts more emphasis on teamwork and ensures there are collaborations between the staff members since that will make it easy to fulfill the set goals of the company.

Furthermore, Mr. Nardone earned his J.D from Boston University of Law School. Besides, he had Bachelor of Arts and Biology from Connecticut University. There are firms that Randal Nardone serves on board of directors. These firms are SeaCube Container Leasing Limited, New Residential Investment Corp., Aircastle Limited amongst many more. All he ensured that every firm that he had served was impacted positively and more so growing and developing towards its success.

Nardone founded Fortress in 1998, and since its establishment, there are other firms that he has been the co-founder. Other firms that he has established include FIG LLC, Fortress Credit Corporation, and Fortress Macro Advisor. This is a significant trendsetter for the young investors that want to venture into investment industry.