Barbara Stokes Brings Attention to the Green Structure Homes Industry

Barbara Stokes makes a point of doing the best at helping people. She tries giving them the positive experiences that come from the industry and the things that make everything better for her. By looking at these experiences, Barbara Stokes can see things will keep getting better. She can also see there are other things that make sense for her. While she does things the right way, Barbara Stokes feels good about giving people everything they need. It’s her goal of helping that continues giving her the chance to show others how they can get more from the homes they have. With the Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes can help other people with the issues they have. She also knows there will be positive experiences that come from the homes and that come with working on these homes. Read this article at

When Barbara Stokes does everything to make the industry better, she feels good about the positive options that are in her area. She also feels the company is doing the best it can to keep giving other people things that make sense. When Barbara Stokes makes things better on the industry and on the things that are going on in the industry, she can help more people out with the opportunities they have. It’s her goal of giving that allows her to keep showing people what they can get from different situations.


By looking at these options and showing others they have a chance to get a better home and a better experience, Barbara Stokes feels like everyone can take advantage of the things that are happening in the world around her. The company saw a lot of success in the beginning and that helped Barbara Stokes continue working hard with everything she did. She always knew what people wanted and wasn’t afraid to make things better. She also felt good about giving people the options they needed when they were doing things on their own. For Barbara Stokes, things continue getting better because of the way she does them and because of how hard she works with Green Structure Homes to make a difference. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Whitney Wolfe Is One Of The Companies To Break Up With Facebook

It seems like it was just yesterday when Facebook was one of the big corporations. Many companies required people to be linked with Facebook before they can join them. However, all that was needed was a few turn of events before Facebook started losing companies. Whitney Wolfe herself has decided that she is going to cut ties with Facebook and enable people to create an account in a different way. There are many reasons that some companies are starting to reduce their connection with Facebook. Whitney Wolfe herself wants to make sure that she is not only allowing others to sign up without Facebook, but is enabling the people who are already signed up to feel safe.

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One of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe is giving people alternatives to Facebook is because of the issue with privacy and personal information according to One thing that people have a desire for is the safety of their personal information. Given that there has been plenty of cases of identity theft and other problems that resulted from personal information falling into the wrong hands, CEO Whitney Wolfe has decided that she wants to find ways to protect the information of people so that they will be able to use their accounts without any concerns.

Whitney Wolfe is also aware that there are some people who would rather not use a third party when it comes to signing up. Seeing that the number of people are growing because of what they hear about Facebook and some other big brands in social media, Whitney has decided that people might be going back to the old way of registering so that they do not have to deal with the dangers of having their information saved across multiple platforms. In the end, Whitney thinks about the best interests of her users.

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Heather Russell to Lead the TransUnion Legal Team

On June 4, 2018, an executive leadership change will occur at TransUnion as Heather Russell becomes TransUnion’s new executive vice president and chief legal officer. She will be relieving John Blenke, who will be retiring after a long career this year. This will be a big change for TransUnion, as John Blenke had held this position since 2003 and although John Blenke will be missed, CEO Jim Peck is excited about the talent and experience Heather Russell will bring to the TransUnion executive team.


Heather Russell’s twenty years of experience includes a thorough knowledge of complex financial regulatory and compliance requirements, having spent time as executive legal counsel at Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York, and Bank of America. Heather Russell’s resume also includes overseeing the development of financial policy and regulatory counsel at the law firms of Buckley Sandler LLP and Skadden Arps. Heather Russell has also had a superb education, receiving her BA from the College of William and Mary and her JD from American University’s Washington College.


The duties Heather Russell will take, in addition to the responsibility for TransUnion’s legal team, will include all government relations, as well as corporate governance and compliance. She will be responsible for minimizing TransUnion’s legal risks and will be responsible for advising the CEO Jim Peck and the remaining board of all regulatory issues. She will be reporting directly to TransUnion’s president and CEO Jim Peck. While John Blenke’s presence at TransUnion will be missed, it is assured that Heather Russell will be able to fill the position admirably.

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Hussain Sajwani interviewed by Arabian Business

Hussain Sajwani is a renowned contributor to the boom of the real estate industry in Dubai. He has been very instrumental in the success of most of the real estate projects in the country. In the given film TV interview after the World Economic Forum, the DAMAC owner gave a recount of how his success and current zeal in commerce has been built up since he was young.


He begins by explaining how his father assisted him to build the business by having been going to his (father’s) shop since when he was eight or seven. Let’s now see how Hussain Sajwani built himself up in real estate and some other business ventures.


Since these childhood encounters with his father who was also a great businessman, Hussain Sajwani says that he has since developed economic thinking over the years. The DAMAC Owner also indicates that he has a restless psyche in business and very quickly adapts to the prevailing market conditions since he easily learns any emerging trends.


This kind of zeal has seen him get ranked the tenth wealthiest Arab. After completing his studies at the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani started to think his career course seriously. He began with the Abu Dhabi Gas business venture, and by 1996 the DAMAC Owner made his way to what raised him to success. He built the first five 3-star hotels in Deira.


Despite the fact that Hussain mainly ventured into real estate property, he also reveals how he has had some investments in the stock market. He surprises the interviewer by citing that these investments gave five times more returns that his real estate investment between the years 2002 and 2006.


He then did put all these stock market returns to his real estate. The DAMAC owner then also gives a review of the great fall that his property business undergone. He says that he, fortunately, saw this crisis coming.


The crisis subjected the business drop to about 60% per year. In 2013, the business got restored and recorded a great success by gaining up to $379m. Hussain Sajwani then got into the idea of continuously doing projects. He finally states that real estate is a business in a circle, today rising – tomorrow going down.

The Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills of Hussain Sajwani

Receiving awards as a leader is a sign that we are excellent in whatever we engage in. Getting these awards is an indication that we are skillful in whatever we do. Being a leader comes with a lot of challenges. How one moves through the obstacles to achieve the desired success will determine much. The awards that Hussain Sajwani has to receive while at the position of being the leader shows tremendous success.

Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman who resides in the UAE. Although he is a native of the United Arab Emirates, he has attended the University of Washington. From this university, he was able to earn two bachelor’s degrees. One in industrial engineering and the other in economics.

At the beginning of his career, he joined GASCO, an oil company in the UAE as a Contracts Manager.

He later on decided to venture into the catering business. This proved to be successful as it has grown to be a significant investment. The catering venture serves about 200 projects across different regions. It is serving more than 150000 meals in a day.

Hussain Sajwani later advanced to developing hotels that accommodated the business people that came to the region. he, later on, decided to found the DAMAC Group. He is both the chief executive officer and the and the chairman. The DAMAC Group is involved in the food catering, investing, hospitality and development of luxurious real estate properties.

The DAMAC owner has led the company to the development of real estate that is worth more than $1 billion. In his ventures, he has been able to partner with other people and companies. He has had several meetings with Donald Trump, US president. The DAMAC owner and the Trump Organization have developed a golf course on the outside the capital of Dubai. The given golf course was designed by Tiger Woods and is managed by the Trump Organization.

The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropic individual. His activities have touched the lives of other people. He has been donating to charitable organizations. He wrote a cheques worth AED two million purposed for the disadvantaged children.

AvaTrade Review: Recent Achievements

AvaTrade was started in 2006. It started as AvaFX, mainly dealing with CFD and forex. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland. It specialises in offering services in exchange-traded funds, equities, Bitcoins, commodities, market indices and bonds. The company has tremendously expanded serving more than 200,000 accounts on a global scale. The broker is known to execute more than 2million transactions monthly. It surpasses a total value of $60 Billion.


AvaTrade is supported by a by a staff that is available on a 24/7 basis. Its client-oriented focus and financial backing have enabled it to provide the best products and service to its clients. The company has its offices in other countries including Nigeria, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, South Africa, Milan, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar and Tokyo. More than ever, the company is committed to providing training, teaching and educational materials to traders. The mission of the company is to inspire people to master their trading skills and expand their horizons.

Reputation and Regulation


It is imperative to choose a forex broker that is regulated by a reputable agency. This regulated status helps to ensure competence and trustworthiness. AvaTrade broker review is one of this well-regulated company, is regulated by several bodies across the globe. Regarding reliability and reputation, AvaTrade is one of the most reputable company. For instance, the company is regulated by the following companies

  • It is regulated by the central bank of Ireland in Europe
  • The ASIC in Australia licenses it
  • The FSA and the FFA license the broker in Japan.
  • The FSB in South Africa licenses the broker.


AvaTrade allows several trading platforms to suit every customer. These platforms include;

  • Meta Trader for web trading
  • Meta Trader for floating spreads
  • Meta Trader for Mac
  • Meta Trader 4 platform
  • Meta Trader for mobile trading
  • AvaTradeAct platform


The broker also provides some trading software that is automated to suit the needs of every person. They include;

  • MQL5 signal service
  • Zulu trade
  • API trading
  • Robox
  • Mirror trading


The company provides a welcome bonus of up to $14000 for traders who sign up to the platform for the first time. A trader is allowed to take $75-$400 for every referral that signs up and starts trading on AvaTrade. The company offers the best support service that is well informed.

Eric Lefkofsky: Cancer Innovation

Eric Lefkofsky is a pioneer for change and philanthropy. He is successful in everything that he does. He is known as one of Chicago’s most inspiring entrepreneurs. He has co-founded a number of successful businesses and worked to make a difference whenever he can. He is the co-founder of Lightbank and Uptake Technologies. Eric also authored the book, “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.”
Together Lefkofsky and his wife have created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. It supports communities by providing support to programs and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for humanity. He also achieved a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. There is no doubt that Eric is a man of many successes and that he is passionate about innovation.

Cancer and Alzheimer’s are two diseases that the health care system is very familiar with. Big data analytics is the next health innovation that can aid artificial intelligence and professionals in finding a cure to stop the plague once and for all. Tempus Labs is a company that was co-founded by Erick Lefkofsky in 2015. The goal of Tempus Labs is to consolidate the health information of cancer patients in a manner that will aid them in decision making for future patients. The company aims to build the most extensive molecular and clinical data library that will be housed in an operating system for easy accessibility by physicians. Having all of the patient’s health data in one place would enhance the quality of health decisions. It will also make a positive difference in the lives of patients who have cancer. Knowing what treatments worked in the past on patients with particular cancers will give physicians detailed information on the risks they should take. It increases the chances of the patients efficiently recovering from cancer. Big data analytics is underway for Alzheimer’s disease as well. The problem with Alzheimer’s disease is that patients don’t usually receive a diagnosis of the disease at the beginning of its tenure. Tempus is a remarkable and much-needed innovation to healthcare. It is a highly praised technology as it has already been listed as one of Chicago’s top ten health technologies. With time and practical use, Tempus will make a difference in the efficacy of cancer treatment in patients all over the world.

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Highland Capital Grew from A Good Idea to a Successful Business

When Highland Capital first started, people saw it as something they could benefit from. Highland Capital knew this and knew they had to make all the right choices to get where they’re at. They also knew things would change if they did everything different from what others were used to. There were times when Highland Capital had to make sure they were doing everything right so they could offer their clients the best opportunities possible. No matter what issues people had or what they wanted to do to invest their money, Highland Capital knew what it would take. The business has a lot of ideas for helping and they spend a lot of time coming up with new ideas for success no matter what people are going through. Their goal of helping others allows them to make the best business decisions and give back to all the customers they have. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.


As long as there are things people can use to help them, Highland Capital knows what they need to do. They dedicate their entire business to showing people how things get better and how they can make a true difference in all the work they do. Their time is valuable and they know what people need to get out of the business. For Highland Capital, the point of doing these things allows them to keep showing others what they can make out of the situations they’re in. It also allows them the chance to continue making things easier for all their clients. Read this article at PR Newswire.

There were times when Highland Capital had to make sure they were doing everything the right way. If they knew what work went into giving back to others, Highland Capital would have started their business by making things easier. It all goes back to the effort they put in and the hard work they do for others. No matter what happens with investments or other financial advisory issues, Highland Capital knows what to do. They trust they can help the clients and they rely on their ability to give back in different situations no matter what things people face.


Know How the Victory of Enhanced Athlete Came About

With the increasing number of private limited companies, each company is trying to prove its worth to the public. One of the private limited companies you may find in Wales and England is Enhanced Athlete. Besides being a renowned company, it has also been registered legally. Scott Cavell Edward and Charles Hughes Anthony are the two Sacramento men who founded Enhanced Athlete. This company is usually based in the United States. While Scott Cavell was the Chief Operations Officer, Charles Hughes is the owner. The company, however, has several other outlets in different parts of the world such as in the United Kingdom. Shaun Corrigan is the director of this company and he is based in the UK. It is important to know there are still other directors in other UK regions.



Many people are more into their body looks. Enhanced Athlete coaching came to help people focus on and achieve the body looks they desired. According to the company, the desired body looks can be developed through certain mechanisms. Tony Hughes together with the entire coaching team designed some plans they thought would be helpful to the coaching department. With an online marketing site known as Enhanced gear, it was possible to promote Enhanced Athlete and its other companies. This online site deals mainly with products such as hoodies, snapbacks stringers, and performance joggers. Enhanced Athlete is always keen on the products it offers, and it ensures these products are reliable and effective to the users.



The sister companies of Enhanced Athlete include Prosource Performance Products, Maximum Human Performance, Gaspari Nutrition, Nutrex Research, and Universal Nutrition. Enhanced Athlete is highly known for its commitment to improving muscular development. The company uses herbal extracts and bodybuilding vitamins in a robust way to achieve this goal. Enhanced Athlete had maintained its ground that the case the Nutrition Distribution has brought against it was deceptive. It went ahead to persuade the California District Court in the United States to abstain from the deceptive marketing case it had received.



There are many complaints Nutrition Distribution has filed against certain participants in the enhancement industry. The company noted that the distribution of its products had continued to be undermined through the deceptive advertising from its opponents. Nutrition Distribution had initially said that Enhanced Athlete was behind the misleading advertisement that caused a decrease in its sales. According to Enhanced Athlete, the plaintiff could not come up with any evidence indicating that the lost sales were as a result of the misleading advertisement. The ruling the court gave favored the defendant since the court could also not see any relationship between false advertisement and lost sales. After the judges disagreed with the proposal Nutrition Distribution had made, Cavell released a press notification indicating the victory Enhanced Athlete had achieved in court.



Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘The innocent voices.’

Lawrence Bender was born on 17th of October in 1957 in Bronx, New York. He was born to two parents where his father was a college professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. Lawrence Bender did his high school education in Cherry Hill High School East. He graduated and joined the University of Maine. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. After Lawrence Bender graduated, he started dancing. However, his dancing career was cut short because of an injury. Today Lawrence Bender is a celebrated movie producer in the industry of entertainment. He has over 20 years’ experience in the movie production industry.

Lawrence Bender has played a significant role in the filming and production of the movie ‘Innocent Voices’. The film is set in El Salvador. A young boy aged 11 years who goes by the name Chava is left by his dad at home. Coincidentally a civil war breaks out. It was dangerous at this time for the boy because when he turned 12, he was forcefully going to be recruited into the government army.

Innocent voice sets in when young Chava knows absolutely nothing about war. He only supports his uncle who is in the guerrilla just like he would support a football team. He is in great fear that the government would take him into the army. Young boys are forced to carry machine guns and fire them because it sounds fun. In the town where Chava and his family resides, it would be rare for a night to pass without the sound of gunshots and bullets raining through the windows.

The nights were always traumatic. Young boys couldn’t even go to school as it was a hub where the army frequently strolled looking for boys aged 12 years and above and force them into the military. The boys are then rounded up and forced into trucks and are separated from their friends and families. The movie begins as little Chava is forced to march in the jungle in the heavily pouring rain by the armed Salvadoran army. Mandoki promises to tackle the problem of children being turned into soldiers. However, the promise goes unfulfilled.