How to Entangle Hair Without Tearing Using Wen By Chaz

Many women who have naturally curly hair struggle with using appropriate entangling methods. In an effort to make curly hair soft and manageable, many women tear out perfectly healthy hair during their entangling process. To avoid this, it is important for people who strive to attain healthy hair to learn use proper tactics to entangle curly hair without ripping or tearing it. One of the most important steps involved in entangling curly hair properly is to apply a properly made, organic hair care product to the hair to achieve maximum manageability. Products like the Wen by Chaz hair care line help women to achieve the manageability they desire and make the hair entangling process incredibly simple.

The reason that the Wen by Chaz hair care line is so incredible at providing results for women with curly hair is primarily because of the brand’s use of properly sourced ingredients. No harsh dyes, chemicals, or detergents are used in this product line and the difference between the Amazon sold Wen by Chaz products and ordinary general store products is incredibly obvious. In a recent review which was published by Bustle, a user described her experience after switching to the Wen by Chaz hair care line from a generic hair care line. The user saw positive results from the product switch in less than one week and noticed that her usual thin and frail hair had become soft, manageable, and noticeably less fine.

By applying the Wen by Chaz brand of leave-in conditioner in combination with the brand’s entangling moisture spritz, women can ensure themselves a smooth entangling process free of rips and tears. Many YouTube testimonials customer reviews of the product have shown how customers with hair that was difficult to manage and maintain found peace of mind with these products. They are now able to achieve any hairstyle with minimum effort. Need Wen? Go to


Wengie’s 2016 Morning Routine Video Recap

In a recent video, YouTube beauty blogger Wengie describes her everyday morning routine. She starts her morning by cuddling under the covers with her cat before she fully wakes up and starts the day. She notes that she avoids going on social media first thing in the morning because it “clutters her mind.” After getting out of bed, she brushes her teeth and rinses with mouthwash. After that she applies lip balm.

The next part of Wengie’s morning is her breakfast. She lists the ingredients for her favorite vegetarian breakfast meal, a soup which includes mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, and leafy greens. She microwaves the tomatoes and mushrooms with stock, then adds the greens and avocado at the end, noting you could eat this with a side of toast. She eats her breakfast while looking out her living room window and watching an inspiring TED video. After her breakfast, Wengie cleans up her aparment. This includes clearing her dishes and making her bed.

Next, Wengie starts her skincare routine. She cleans her face with toner, then applies an essence that makes her skin firm. Then she gives herself a short face and neck massage to reduce bloating. Next she applies sunscreen to her face. After that she starts her everyday makeup routine of BB cream, eyebrow mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and curling her eyelashes. She says she gets a wavy, beachy hairstyle by sleeping in twisted pigtails; this way she styles without using heat. She finishes her everyday look with either a subtle gloss or a bolder lip color for special occasions.

Finally, Wengie changes into a comfortable and stylish outfit. She describes her favorite shorts and running shoes, saying that comfort is key to her outfit choices.


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George Soros Outlines The Policies That Have Been Set By The European Union To Rescue Ukraine

Increased Russian aggression in Ukraine has forced Europe and the US to impose sanctions on Russia. According to George Soros, the sanctions have served their purpose of inflicting more damage on the economy of Russia. The objective of the sanction was to deny Russian banks and corporations access to capital in the international market. George Soros posits that the damage on the Russian economy has been aggravated by the falling oil prices. For its budget to balance, Russia should retail oil at around $100 per barrel. The current price of oil is $55 a barrel. Soros contends that the sanctions have caused Russia to experience a financial crisis.

In 1998, Russia caused turmoil in the financial system of the world after its hard currency reserves were depleted, thus defaulting on its debt. George posits that the inflation has accelerated and interest levels are rising to levels that are slowly pushing the Russian economy towards recession. He goes on to argue that Russia has more foreign currency reserves as compared to 1998. There is the possibility that Russia will fail to honor its debt obligations. This situation portends greater danger to the country considering its military conflict with terrorism groups. Soros believes that there is the likelihood that Russia’s default may disrupt operations in the global financial system.

George Soros asserts that there is need to review the existing strategies of the European Union towards Ukraine and Russia. He has been arguing for a two-sided approach that seeks to balance between assisting Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia. According to Soros, sanctions are not good. However, they are being imposed because neither the US nor the EU is prepared to risk aggression with Russia. This situation leaves sanctions as the most appropriate way to resist aggression by Russia. George contends that sanctions hurt both the countries that impose sanctions and those that have to bear the effects of such sanctions.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George argues that euro’s structural defects have caused the European authorities to become experts of moving from one crisis to the other. He calls this situation as kicking the can up the hill. This is because the crises keep on coming back. George asserts that Europe has five crises to solve. These crises are the financial crisis in Greece, the migration concerns, the just concluded British referendum, the euro and the Russian conflict against Ukraine. The authorities and the public are overwhelmed by these crises. George says that there is the need to have preferential treatment to some of the crises given that it is not possible to solve all the five crises at the same time.

The Russian conflict against Ukraine is supposed to unite the European Union. The new Ukraine is seeking to break away from the traditions of the old Ukraine. In the old Ukraine, the political oligarchs and the elite exploited their positions in order to accumulate wealth. By contrast, the new Ukraine has been inspired by the need for change and a better tomorrow.

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Mojo and Katie assist teachers, students and parents

For the first time ClassDoJo has joined forces with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to create five animated shows with Mojo and Katie as the stars. These series have been made to initiate a ground up change in the way that teachers, students, and parents view “growth mindset”, a concept that has been around for a while and maintains that the idea that with the right type of encouragement students are able to increase their aptitude and skills over time. Mojo and Katie will help demonstrate to teachers and parents that students should not only be praised for doing well; students should receive praise for their strategies in learning and for the steps they take to doing their best. Even if a student doesn’t pass the big test or accomplish the main goal it is important to make sure they know that the steps they are taking to reach their goals are just as important as actually accomplishing their goals.
The characters Mojo and Katie can be seen in their shows on ClassDojo’s “Big Ideas” website as well as on YouTube. PERTS will give access to teachers and parents an online toolkit that entails lesson plans and practices to help reiterate the “growth mindset” concept in hopes of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.
PERTS took an interest in working with ClassDoJo because of their expansive reach of teachers, parents, and students. ClassDoJo is a San Francisco based company that has reached 2 in 3 schools providing teachers, parents, and students with educational connection and empowerment. One of the founders of ClassDoJo, Liam Don says that the concept for Mojo and Katie came from observing teachers who were having difficulties expressing the “growth mindset” idea to their students. Many of these teachers were showing their students YouTube videos, hence ClassDoJo’s use of the animated characters. There will be a study done before and after teachers view the animated shows to see how the teachers will react and how it will better help them demonstrate the “growth mindset” ideas with their students.
ClassDojo and PERTS have not profited from their current efforts, however, should these animated series prove to do well there is always an opportunity for monetary gain in the future.


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A Means to Healthy Living

Bernardo Chua is a notable individual who is mostly known for his successful business of Organo Gold which is a company that now offers new and healthy ways to consume coffee and other beverages. Organo Gold now offers and inexpensive way to improve health and to improve the overall outlook on life. Within the past few decades of being a businessman, Bernardo Chua has risen through the ranks as a small entrepreneur and is now the successful owner of a company that is currently being distributed in over 35 different countries around the world. As a global entrepreneur, his Facebook posts make it pretty clear Bernardo Chua has obtained his success through his excellent business strategies. In order to make the product more trustworthy and more appealing to consume, Bernardo Chua adapted the method of the multilevel marketing company. This means that anyone who wished to earn extra cash or become their own boss, is offered a spot within the company of Organo Gold.

The multilevel marketing technique has been proven to make the product more trustworthy to the consumer due to the fact that neighbors or even friends and family members are more likely to sell this product. Even after only eight years of being in business, Organo Gold has already gained millions of distributors as well as consumers of the product. With this momentum, Bernardo Chua hopes to drive the company even further into the future. As an individual who is on the road to success, Bernardo Chua hopes to bring as many people with him on this journey.

What makes the Organo Gold brand name so successful is the fact that this company uses a special ingredient that is called Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a product that has been tried and tested to offer consumers with the best health benefits. Ganoderma is typically found in China and was stumbled upon by Mr. Chua during one of his many travels to Asia. Since then, Bernardo Chua has created an empire of healthy products that have been based around this delicious and consumable product. Bernardo Chua wants to educate the world that living healthy can be easy and inexpensive.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Twitter.