Doe Deere Offers Life-Changing Advice in an Interview

Life is about chasing your dreams and it is always wonderful when inspirational people can validate that fact. Doe Deere, for example, is a woman who did not intentionally chase the goal that she ended up achieving; She simply did it for herself. Commonly referred to as being the queen of unicorns, this woman is one of the most unique entrepreneurs there is. An interview conducted by Guest of a Guest with Miss Deere gave us plenty of insight as to how to be ourselves, no matter what it entails.

Born in Russia, Doe never claimed to be ambitious. However, she did always state that she had a big imagination. Her first business, in fact, was selling temporary tattoos at age 13. Of course, Doe did not intend to have that be her forever career, so she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of being a musician.

While chasing this dream, Doe met her husband who is also a musician. While music was her outlet, the unicorn queen also loved to express herself through makeup. In the interview, she described 2008 and the years before it as sort of being a dry spell within the makeup industry. She claimed that everything was natural, but she wanted bright colors that she could not find anywhere. As a result, she began making her own. That is where her fame really took off, and her makeup line Lime Crime came to be.

Deere described her shock as to how many women really were positively responsive to her makeup. The bold haired beauty describes her makeup as being whimsical, colorful, and cruelty-free. Currently residing in LA with her husband and making the products that the public cannot get enough of, Deere offered some deep advice for her fans in the interview.

“Follow your heart,” she said. She discussed how she believes that everybody has something unique and special about them, and how happy she is to teach young women the freedom to be themselves. “Go where you love,” declared the artist. Perhaps everyone should listen to Doe in order to obtain a more positive lifestyle.

In conclusion, Doe Deere is an inspiration. Her advice is so important for not only young women to take to heart, but for all people to take to heart. Freedom of expression is lacking in today’s world, and people like Miss Deere have and will continue to bring it back.

Status Labs Moves Into A Larger Office In New York

Recently, Status Labs, a top digital reputation management company moved its New York operation to a bigger Manhattan office space. The shift was aimed accommodating the fast growing team. The relocation comes a year after the firm’s expansion to New York. Its new office is located at 1123 Broadway within Flatiron and overlooking the Madison Square Park. Compared to the firm’s previous office, the new one is five times bigger.
Darius Fisher, the co-founder and president of Status Labs, explained that this year they have added four brilliant account management as well as business development experts to their New York team. He also posited that the new space is large enough for the growing number of staff. In addition, the space will provide more room for the firm to continue growing its team.
Before the end of the year, Status Labs plans to hire five more experts in New York. These employees will be deployed to the business development, account management and public relations departments. According to Fisher, as Status Labs continue to handle larger and complex projects, it is important to have an experienced and strong body of talent in place. This information was originally reported on PR Newswire.
About Status Labs
Status Labs is a leading digital reputation management, public relations and online marketing company. It has offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paulo from where it serves clients from 35 countries across the world. The objective of Status Labs is to enable its clients appear on the first page of Google in search results and create reputations through effective digital marketing as well as PR strategy. Presently, Status Labs caters for more than 1500 clients in 35 countries including Fortune 500 companies.
Status Labs offers creative solutions that are customized in line with the client’s unique needs. These services range from image management to enhancement of a brand’s digital footprint. Due to its exceptional service, Status Labs has been profiled in leading publications such as the New York Times, The Daily Beast, US News & World Report, DuJour Magazine and Observer. Additionally, the president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, was awarded the Innovation 50 Award in 2015 by PR Week.

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Bustle blogger uses Wen By Chaz everyday

Wen hair is an extremely popular conditioner brand. This brand has claimed for years to provide thin haired women with the volume they need. It has revolutionized the way women treat their hair, but many girls still wonder if the product actually fixes their hair. One woman from decided she must figure out whether products actually has an impact on your hair.
The writer at Bustle had heard about Wen by Chaz for years, and she had also struggled with thin and greasy hair. She decided she wanted to see improvement in her hair. She ordered Wen by Chaz and decided to start using the product everyday. She started, and she quickly saw results. On the first day, she took a shower and used Wen. She was shocked by how much product she had to use, but she loved the results she got. Her hair had more volume, and the grease was gone. She took a selfie to show everyone, and she looked terrific. She continued to use the product throughout the week, and her hair continued to look better and better. She was proud of the improvement in her hair, but she was quick to point out that she rarely washes her hair every day of the week.

The writer ultimately decided that Wen by Chaz Dean ( was an extremely effective conditioner. She loved the look it gave her, but she quickly admitted that she might not be willing to use it everyday. If you are willing to put in the effort necessary to wash your hair everyday, then this conditioner is the right choice for you.

Women throughout the United States according to a survey made by Allure beauty Blog, revealed that they must take action to get the best hair possible. Fortunately, Wen by Chaz offers women the product they need to get the look they deserve. While the product is expensive, it is worth every penny. It is available online on

How Michael Zomber Expresses His Love For History

Michael Zombar is one of the greatest historians of our time. He has dedicated nearly all his life to history. His passion in history majored on ancient Japanese culture especially their ancient art of war. He has spent nearly 40 years of his career as a historian studying the life of Japanese Samurai warriors. Amazon shows he’s published many books as well.  During this time, he has also spent his time collecting artifacts and weapons used by these warriors. He has managed to gather numerous antique arms and body armor for preservation. His dedication to ancient history preservation has given him a chance to appear on several history broadcastings on TV. Notably, he has appeared on History Channel severally as a guest historian. This was on the Tales of the Gun TV series which aired the following episodes; Automatic Pistols, Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, Million Dollar Guns, Dueling Pistols and Shotguns.

Michael Zomber has been acknowledged by the international community and the Japanese authority on samurai swords as a Japanese culture preserver. As a historian, one of Micheal Zomber’s greatest skills is storytelling. He is one of the best historical narrators alive, and this skill has given him a chance to share his historical experience. He has a number of award-winning films and best-selling novels associated with him. These best seller novels are Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War and Shogun Iemitsu. There is also a non-fiction novel known as Jesus and the Samurai that will be released in the market soon and has so far caught the attention of many readers. As a filmmaker, Michael Zomber has the Soul of the Samurai, a documentary film that has so far received lots of positive criticism in the market. This documentary film was released by Renascent Films LLC, his film company and he co-produced it with Andrea, his wife.

Philanthropy is also one of Michael Zomber’s areas of interest. Having a deep understanding of history, he has dedicated part of his time to resolution of historical conflicts. He is also engaged in the resolution of armed conflicts in collaboration with various peace charities in different regions of the world. He works with charities like Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and UNICEF in his peace missions. Michael Zomber is also a family man. He and his wife have two children namely Gabriella and Christopher. His exoneration played a pivotal role in the man he is today, and he says that he will continue with his efforts of history and culture preservation till the end.

The European Union is Crumbling warns George Soros

George Soros is Europe’s most successful billionaires and business icon. Born in Budapest Hungary in August 1930, Soros attended the London school of economics. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master of science in the same field. Also, he holds a BSc. and Masters in philosophy in the same institution. Soros holds dual citizenship for both Hungary and the United States.

He started his business career in the United States, where he rose to be the world’s notable economists. Also, George Soros’ prowess in investments, and writing of various books and articles on economics, politics and business earned him profound respect in the global economic platform. He is founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundation. Additionally, Soros is a notable philanthropist; he established the Central European University. Furthermore, he financed the education of black students in South Africa during the apartheid regime.

European Economic Situation and the Refugee Crisis

George Soros’s vast experiences in economic and political issues are undoubtedly recognized globally. Consequently, he has addressed various forums and conferences on socio-political and economic problems. Additionally, he provides solutions to some critical economic issues that help in sustaining world top economies including China and the United States. Furthermore, Soros is seen as an economic prophet as he previously predicted various economic trends that came to pass.

In an interview with the CNBC, the top economist George Soros and investor warned of a crisis in the European Union that might lead to its collapse. He stated that the European Union has to move fast and inject a significant amount of money to solve the refugee problem. Also, in an essay in The New York Times, Soros warned of unfolding humanitarian crisis in Greece

To adequately address the problem, European leaders need sufficient funding. Spending large sums of money at the outset would allow them to respond more efficiently to the refugee crisis. Civil wars and terror groups on have pushed over a million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe in 2015. Refugees are driven by hope for a better life, peace and economic restoration in Europe.

Currently, a deal has been struck that will see people coming into Greece illegally being sent back to Turkey. It is when their asylum request is rejected. Also, for every person sent back to Turkey, the European Union will have to take in one refugee from Syria currently in Turkish camps. George Soros estimated the number of refugees that Europe can accommodate annually is up to 500,000. However, European countries should ensure that those genuinely seeking asylums would not be turned away.

For efficient operation on the crisis, the European Union requires an estimated £ 30 billion a year. Failure to fix the problem will cost the Union even more. It would be for example cause the collapse of the Schengen system on open internal borders among 26 European countries. To achieve the funding, Soros called for an amendment of Europe’s Multiannual Financial Framework and long-term financial plan to increase VAT contributions.

Beneful: The Healthy Solution to Dog Food

We used to feed our dogs whatever dog food brand happened to be on sale, however, our dogs kept turning their noses up at certain brands. We had heard about Beneful and compared it to other brands. We soon realized that their products are rich in protein and balanced especially for your dog’s health. Beneful’s dog food is made with real chicken and meat and a variety of vegetables that any dog will love. Beneful is available on Amazon:

Our Schnauzer tends to be a little on the chunky side, so for him, we got Purinastore’s Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food. It’s made with real chicken and Charlie, our Schnauzer, just goes crazy at feeding time. After a few months of maintaining his portions and feeding him Beneful Healthy Weight, he is now down to his proper weight. Our other dog is a poodle named Pepper. She’s very picky and for her we found that she just loves Beneful Incredibites.

Our dogs always love to get treats, what dog doesn’t? Both of our dogs really love it when we bring out the Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites and Chopped Blends. They are also made with real chicken and include tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. We feed them both Beneful Dry Dog Food for the great healthy balanced nutrition and for the health of their teeth. For both Charlie and Pepper the Beneful Wet Dog Food once or twice a week is like a fine dining experience.

I highly recommend Beneful Dog Food Products for any pet lover. Whether your dog is a picky eater, overweight, still a puppy, or highly energetic, has a brand that will fit your dog’s lifestyle and with such great healthy choices, how can you go wrong? Our dogs are a part of our family and we want the very best for them. After trying many brands we have stuck with Beneful because it has made our dogs happy and healthy. Beneful is a wonderful product and very reasonably priced. Try Beneful Dog Food for your pet today and see the difference it makes.



A SKOUT Survey Reveals that Laughing is Key in Making Friends

Laughter plays a huge role in personal happiness and helping create lasting and meaningful relationships. In honor of National Humor Month, SKOUT – an online app that helps people meet new friends and create new relationships, has released fascinating survey data of its members showing just how important it is to take the time to laugh.


As reported on by PRNewswire, the results of the survey showed that laughter can actually help people meet new friends. While it may be difficult to convey laughter online, SKOUT took a look at profile pictures that depicted laughter. The results were fascinating – individuals who had profile pictures of themselves laughing were favorited 404% more times than then users who did not have laughing pictures. Likewise, laughing individuals made 234% more connections than the average SKOUT user. This goes to show just how important that laughing in meeting new people and the development of relationships.


Along with the study of how laughing in profile pictures affected people’s relationship development, SKOUT also conducted a survey that uncovered some more interesting statistics about humor and relationships. One of the more interesting parts of the survey is that 75% of individuals who were surveyed thing that they are funny. Likewise, people who classify their sense of humor as ‘witty’ tend to think that they are the funniest.


Another interesting bit of information that came from the survey is that people don’t necessarily think that clowns are funny. They survey polled people and found out that 30% of people are afraid of clowns. Interestingly, people who classify their sense of humor as ‘sarcastic’ are more likely than others to be afraid of clowns.


There were some interesting regional statistics on humor as well. It turns out that people from New York and San Francisco are very confident that they are funny, with 83% of them saying that they can easily make others laugh. Houstonians are more likely to help you have some fun, with 100% of them saying that they like to make people laugh.


Whether it’s in New York, San Francisco, or anywhere in between, this survey by SKOUT goes to show that being happy and laughing is a crucial part of making and keeping friends. Laughter just might be more important for improving health than was thought. For more information on the results of the survey, check out the original report on PRNewswire.

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Who is Christian Broda?

Christian Broda is a economist and financial professional that lives in New York. He is the managing director at Duquesne Capital Management. While working at Duquesne Capital Management, he has overseen many start-up hedge funds. In 2005, Mr. Broda was a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Christian taught economics there for five years. In 2008, he was the Chief International Economist at Barclays Investment Bank and the Head of International Research at Lehman Brothers.

Christian Broda has written many articles. Christian Broda wrote articles for the Oxford Journals, Wall Street Journals, American Economic Review, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. The topic of the articles were on international finance and trade. Mr. Broda is an associate editor for the Journal of Development Economics, a co-editor of the IMF Economic Review. He is an associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is also part of the Latin American Association Economia journal.

Mr. Christian Broda  according to his Forbes profile was awarded with James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar 2006-2008, and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant for the years 2005-2008. He holds membership with the American Economic Association, and the Society for Economic Dynamics. Mr. Broda went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997. He acquired there a Master’s degree and a PhD in Economics. He also went to Universidad de ‘San Andrés’ in 1994. He acquired there a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Mr. Broda is married with two sons.