Bernardo Chua Introduces Coffee With Health Benefits

Most people need that first cup of coffee in the morning to get themselves going, and for many it cannot be any other beverage. Organo Gold, a brand new healthy coffee and tea product to hit the market has recently been introduced by Bernardo T. Chua. These coffee and teas contain a Chinese herb that has been called the, ‘The King of Herbs’. The best thing about this herb is the effects it has on some life threatening diseases such as; low immune system, cancer and stress.

Organo Gold founder and CEO, Bernardo Chua opened a branch of his gourmet coffee in Turkey. This unites his company’s Asian, African and European operations and says they can now serve more distributors and customers across more diverse regions. Bernardo Chua extended efforts to Turkey to allow for the opening of his branch there as Turkey is known for coffee being part of their national culture. People in Turkey have an appetite for quality coffee he states that continues to grow and now also have a hunger for healthier products.

Turkey has helped promote Organo Gold for its health benefits. The interest sparked there in an active life style and demand for nutraceutical products has people focusing on Organo Gold.

Chua’s Organo Gold coffee comes from a Chinese mushroom known as, Ganoderma and was used in ancient medicine as a highly ranked herb. A renowned doctor of the Ming Dynasty is quoted for saying, “long-term taking of Ganoderma will build a strong, healthy body and assure a long life.”

He has a goal to sell a range of healthy bioactive coffee products through his established multi-level marketing network on a wholesale basis. These products will then be available to consumers through retail sales.  Bernardo Chua has a great YouTube speech where he outlines why OrganoGold will definitely have a bright future.

The Increasingly Suspicious Actions of Kyle Bass

Wall Street is full of wolves and ne’er-do-wells, though not everyone’s there to cheat their way into riches. Over time the ones acting subversively will reveal themselves, though. Like Kyle Bass has.

Kyle Bass had a very promising initial foray into the market. People immediately took notice of him when successfully he was able to predict that America would experience extreme economic loss due to the sub-prime lending market. Since this prediction he seems to have lost the touch, however. In fact, sources indicate that his media appearances seem to have some relationship to his hedge fund. The more he appears, the poorer the fund does.

This could be a driving factor behind some of his more unsavory practices, among them CAD. CAD is an acronym representing the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This coalition goes about filing lawsuits and circulating petitions. They’ll use any means they can make work for them to force big-ticket pharmaceutical companies into lowering the prices they sell medicine for. Ostensibly this is a humanitarian effort, but on the back-end it becomes anything but. See, beyond restricting research and development such companies would otherwise commit to, had they the proper financial substrate, CAD ends up lowering the value of such pharmaceuticals’ stock. Kyle Bass short sells his holdings at that point and skips away with millions.

This has all the earmarks of economic assassination and destabilization. Since Kyle Bass is also closely involved with socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who currently presides over Bass’ home Argentina, it seems very likely some such aim undergirds Bass’ actions. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has managed Argentina so poorly that the country has fallen into economic default twice during the last thirteen years. One would expect an honest financier to be critical of her financial decisions; or at least knowledgeable as to their source. Kyle Bass seems to have neither sentiment. Despite making it big by noticing the same sorts of practices in America, Bass only praises de Kirchner.

Right now Kyle Bass is still in the business of making regular media appearances. The thing is, with a faulty hedge fund, controversial socialist ties, and shady investment practices vis-a-vis CAD, suspicion seems to be Kyle’s middle name. It’s not beyond expectation to suppose he may, in fact, be using his media platform as a means of deceiving the mainstream. Whether or not this is the case, Bass requires close attention and consideration, rather than immediate acceptance. It’s just possible he has ulterior motives.

Peace and Serenity at Manse on Marsh California

If you are looking for an assisted or independent living facility you may need to know what to look for so that you make the right choices. Assisted living facilities need to have assistance for bathing, dressing, and ambulation if you need them. Assisted living facilities should have access to exercise or therapy programs. They should have someone to take you to the doctor or shopping in case you are unable to drive. Assisted living facilities should look nice and smell clean. Manse on Marsh is not only beautifully decorated but it also offers the residents the ability to enjoy some of the most luxurious amenities in an elegant setting.

Independent living should offer you the ability to bring in your own decor from home. It should give you the ability to have a room alone or with someone, have a cottage to yourself, or a suite as you choose. An independent living person is capable of doing most things for themselves. Most will live by themselves. Staff will check on you if they feel that you need to be checked on, otherwise, you are on your own and make your own decisions.

At the Manse on Marsh, the staff is friendly and supportive. The restaurants offer choice meals and wonderful service. Eating at the Marsh is like eating at your favorite restaurant. Each dining area is set up for you and friends or family. You come in and sit down like in any other restaurant. The Manse offers residents the ability to go to the beauty parlor and have their nails done. You can choose your colors and styles from some of the most recent books available. Model your favorite actress or actor. Catch up with your favorite gossip and rumors while visiting others sitting in the salon.

Take a stroll outside the Manse on Marsh grounds that are beautifully depicted on Twitter. There is beauty in every turn. The mountains and trees over the rolling hills give you a setting of peace. Sit on one of the many outside patios to enjoy the beauty that the outside offers.

End your day with a wonderful cup of warm tea, sitting in front of your very own fireplace, with a good book and a warm blanket. The family atmosphere is worth a visit.  Manse on Marsh has a contact page on the website.

QNet Explores Charitable Giving In India

Disasters and unfortunate circumstances are very difficult to predict. The people living in Chennai learned this the proverbial hard way. Rain fell hard on the region, and the rain did not stop. Eventually, major flooding resulting. The water rose so high that entire towns were underwater. For the families that suffered in the chaos, it seemed there was no hope. And then along can QNet, the direct selling company has made a strong commitment to help the families hurt in the flooding.

At the IIFA Utsavam event, QNet revealed the company would be expanding its charitable endeavors to help victims of the flooding. QNet will be teaming with members of India’s motion picture community to send 200 relief packages to those impacted by the floods. Considering how much these people have lost, the relief packages are going to be very much appreciated.

IIFA Utsavam is intended to serve as the awards show that highlights the accomplishments of filmmakers in South India. The show also is a great forum to raise awareness on the outside charitable endeavors of the industry and its partners. QNet has become a partner and a good one. 

QNet is also partnering with more than the film industry. QNet has chosen to work with the prestigious Lions Clubs International organization to expand humanitarian aid. One of the recipients of this humanitarian aid is a small hospital. The hospital is in need of a kidney dialysis machine, and QNet is doing what is necessary to make sure the 200-bed hospital gets one.

In time, QNet will reveal even more humanitarian ventures. The company is very serious about its “We Care” initiative. QNet definitely wants to show India that it does care.

QNet has a strong presence in well over 100 countries. The products and services offered through its direct selling catalog allow the company to succeed in numerous markets. India has a special place in QNet’s plans. India is to soon be QNet’s chief location for manufacturing.

It all started with a dream. #QNET #SuccessTips

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Many entrepreneurs living in India could gain great finacial benefits working for QNet. Thanks to the “We Care” initiative, QNet is going to be helping those in India who are in need of humanitarian and charitable relief. The Chennai flooding and Lions Clubs relief efforts are just two great examples.

Securus is the Leading Brand in Correctional and Criminal Justice Technology

Securus Technologies  is one of the leading companies in civil and criminal justice technologies. Their headquarters is in Dallas, Texas and they currently serve over 3,450 various law enforcement and correctional facilities. In addition to this, they also currently serve over a million inmates. 

They offer a wide range of services including emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate communication, information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products. They specialize in public safety, corrections, inmate phone calls monitoring, and investigation. Recently, one of their competitor GTL compared their services to Securus stating that their technology was similar and equal. 

Securus offers an advanced video visitation platform  which allows family of inmates to communicate with their loved ones via video chat over secure software. Just download the app here: and connect it with your Securus account to access the video chat software.

In an attempt to dispute these claims, Securus sought out an independent judge to compare the two products. Many customers believe that Securus offers superior customer service. GTL outsources their customer service jobs to foreign countries and this can sometimes cause issues such as language barriers.

In addition to all of this, Securus also utilizes a larger product range and can provide more services overall. They have also created the largest VOIP platform in the corrections sector. This enables them to provide their customers with upgrades and additional services more seamlessly, at a quicker pace, and at a lower cost than their competitors GTL. Overall, Securus offers a wider range of services and products while also provided better customer service.

Learn more about Securus from their BBB page.

Wikipedia For a Professional Look

When searching the internet today for any business or product many times at the top of the search result will appear a companies Wikipedia page. A Wikipedia page is basically a biography of a brand or company, giving potential consumers a positive feeling that they are dealing with a professional business. By simply creating a Wikipedia page will allow your company or brand to become relevant in the google search engines. What Wikipedia does is it separates your from the pack. You don’t want your business to get lost in the shuffle amongst all the other thousands of irrelevant websites on the internet. Wikipedia business page creation will help you to avoid being just another company on the internet. It gives your company an heir of importance.

Building a Wikipedia page is easy to do, but building it right and to get maximum result from your page can be quite another issue. It helps if you are known on the internet when building your page. Wikipedia has a few rules that you must abide by. You have to have at least one article on the internet that was written about your company or product to use when building your page. Another rule is that you cannot market and of your products or services on your page it is prohibited. You want to include as much pertinent information about your product or brand on your page to educate potential customers or clients about what you have to offer. There are services to help you build high quality and professionally looking Wikipedia pages. If you would like more information on building a great looking Wikipedia page contact the Wiki experts for hire at Get Your Wiki.

Doe Deere Breaks The Rules

Doe Deere the owner and creator of Lime Crime fashion makeup. She goes against all of the rules of fashion with her makeup brand and she works to make sure that she always expresses her individuality with the makeup. She encourages other people to do the same with her makeup Brandon with the influence that she has over the fashion world. Doe Deere likes to break the rules of fashion and she does so through her blog where she tells people the different rules that they should break because they are ridiculous, in her eyes. She does not think that occasion dressing is appropriate. She thinks that you should address however you like, despite any dress code that may be set. If you want to wear a certain outfit to an occasion, you should be able to do so without having to worry about what is going to be said about you. There are many rules that Doe Deere breaks, including ones that you what type of patterns you should wear. She believes that if you would like to wear flower print with madras checkers, you should be able to. If you want to look like your outfit matches with a lot of patterns in it, you should choose a common element, like a color, that isn’t all of the patterns you are wearing. This is only for people who want to look like they are matching with their patterns and is not a rule set in stone.

Age appropriate dressing is something that has always been seen in the fashion industry. You should be able to wear anything that you want. Your age should not affect the clothes that you wear as long as you are confident with the decisions that you have made for your wardrobe.

If you are looking for reasons to slide by fashion rules, you should be following the advice of Doe Deere. She is a fashion icon, an industry expert, and someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to the rules of fashion. She knows the ones that should be kept and the ones that should be tossed because she is confident with her fashion choices for everyday dressing.

Prada Incorporates Deere Vibrant Colors for New Season

It resounded throughout the fashion industry when Prada, of all entities, decided to infuse this season’s fashions with some color combos very Doe Deere! This gives a nod to the unicorn princess that her ideas work even in high fashion’s royal court.

Just For Me – and Thee
Of course, those of us who discovered Doe Deere and her unicorn queendom years ago knew that, already! Today we can mi colors and most especially color patterns in ways that yesteryear fashionistas would have never nightmared. We all are catching up with the amazing concept of Doe Deere that we should dress for ourselves and present our personas as we see ourselves. No more do we dress the way a European or New York fashion industry crone dictates.

Colors Galore and More
Mixing patterns is not nearly enough. Color mixing with bright neon in our hair and on our eyes really uplifts our mood and vibes when we coordinate them to match or blend with our clothing. And don’t forget that Doe Deere insists on unicorn style vividly patterned colorful socks with your high heels and peek-aboo platforms.

Matronly, Schmatronly
Doe Deer does not usually mention age or size in her fashion blogs, but she has departed from that this season by insisting that neither one matters when putting together an ensemble to be envied by the masses. If people used to tell you that bright yellow favors your body and complexion, don’t drop it because you just turned 35. If it flattered you in youth, just think what it can do for you now that you have some maturity going for you.

By an Inch, a Cinch
By an inch a cinch, by a yard, ’tis hard. That idiom is excellent encouragement for the fellow unicorns who want to follow Doe Deere’s advice in costuming and makeup but believe they are “different” from the rest of us. Begin applying unicorn colors and style with accessories, hair, tights and jewelry, and you will easily move into the neon pink skirt and yellow striped topper.

Remember how long it took you to join the glitter eye makeup brigade?

“Queens Of Drama” Brings The Stars Of Soap Opera Back To The TV

What happens to soap opera stars when their shows are canceled or they make an exit from the genre? This is the question that has haunted many fans of soap opera over the years when they have seen their favorite stars seemingly disappear from our screens; however, a new scripted reality TV show, “Queens Of Drama” is bringing many of the most famous soap opera stars of the past back to the TV. The thing to remember is that soap opera is a genre that brings entire family’s together on and off the screen to allow the community it builds up to include stars of many different ages and experience levels finding fame on iconic shows broadcast into our homes each and every day.

The “Queens Of Drama” is bringing faces back to the TV that may still be on our screens along with those who have been missing for a number of years. Former “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills leads the all female production company formed to produce a modern soap opera for the world to enjoy. Along with veteran actress Mills a number of younger stars are also found in the show, including Crystal Hunt who found fame in the soap operas “One Life To Live” and “Guiding Light”. Hunt and Mills both bring their own personalities to their roles on the reality shows, but also allow a little of their most famous onscreen persona’s to slip into the roles they play during “Queens Of Drama”.

There is much to be found in the life and career of Crystal Hunt, who has set out to become successful in a variety of different areas of the entertainment and business industries. Hunt may have found fame as the evil Stacy Morasco during her time acting on “One Life To Live”, but she has since flourished as an actress in different movies; appearing in “Magic Mike: XXL” as the character of Lauren has allowed the actress the chance to increase her popularity with people in all areas of the world. A further aspect of the career of Crystal Hunt has been in the role she undertook as the executive producer of “Talbot County”, a labor of love for Hunt after she helped bring the movie to the screen.  Crystal can be followed on Instagram, although Ms. Hunt has a full film history on Metacritic, complete with reviews of her features.

The many different stars who are looking to create a new soap opera include some of the best known faces in the history of the genre making a return to U.S. TV. One of the most famous faces who will once again grace the TV screens of viewers is legendary “Dynasty” star Joan Collins who has only made rare appearances on the big and small screen in recent years.