Capital Group Chief’s View On Recent Market Behaviors

Post-Trump Markets

According to Tim, a period of faster economic growth, increasing interest rates, and inflation is impending. President Trump’s election has caused significant changes in asset prices. Equities are yet to set new highs, and the bond markets have not stabilized.

Tim says in his career, interest rates have been decreasing most of the times and not the opposite. He says that these market changes are massive and real. The market is expected to experience more turbulent changes due to uncertainty on the various government policies.

Tim says that globalization is facing challenges and no one knows what will be the effect. Markets are facing significant changes as a result of increased populism.

Growth-sensitive industries in the stock market are roaring higher, while defensive sectors are languishing. Since elections, the real estate shares have recorded a 2.3 per cent gain while financial companies and gas drillers have recorded a 16 per cent and 38 per cent increase respectively. This major shift is taking place in the stock market in the post-Trump era.

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Tim Armour’s Perspective on Market Selloff in September 2015

In 2015, global stocks tumbled due to China’s slow economic growth. A reduction in Chinese stocks was coupled with currency depreciation sent fears to investors in other economies. This forced the Chinese government to lower the interest rates and ease banks’ reserve requirements.

Tim said that it was better for the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates. He also noted that China was the primary catalyst in that market tradeoff. Previous high economic growth rates in China had enabled her to contribute to global growth.

Therefore, a decline in China’s economic growth meant a reduction in the world economic growth hence affecting investments worldwide. Slow growth or no growth in China would have adverse effects on other markets.

Timothy Armour’s Education and Work Background

Timothy D. Armour, alias Tim attended Middlebury College for his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. In 1983, he began his profession as a member of The Associates Program at The Capital Group Companies, Inc. He then became the company’s Equity Investment Analyst. Currently, he works at The Capital Research as the Chairman, Director, and Principal Executive Officer. He is also the Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman of the Capital Group Companies, Inc.

Mike Baur Contributes Tremendously To The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a space that allows those with creative ideas to explore their capabilities. Many entrepreneurs rely on the support they get from other successful entrepreneurs to set up their businesses and run them towards profitability. However, there are those who cannot find people to mentor them despite having great ideas that can be built to offer profitable businesses. This is the category of individuals Mike Baur offers to work with to ensure they also manage to achieve their dreams of running successful businesses.


Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur who is motivated to work with upcoming entrepreneurs by offering them an avenue through which they can implement their ideas. He founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and the company has been working to offer young entrepreneurs a chance to nurture their ideas. There is an incubation facility that embraces the most talented startups for a three months incubation session, after which the businesses are able to stand on their feet to face the market and to experience real growth.


Digital transformations

One of the things the Swiss Startup Factory holds dear is the value of digital transformations. They offer startups a chance to transform their ideas to fit within the digital infrastructure and to offer value to users. With a team of analysts and experts in matters technology for business, the Swiss Startup Factory provides the needed digital transformations that allow users to enjoy profitability across the market.


Planning for the future

Often when startups are launched, they don’t have a vast plan that caters for the future and changes that might occur along the way. In such a setup, it would be difficult to compete with already established businesses, so there is need to have a plan that spells every step out. The role of planning and execution is to help the business to come up with ideas that can facilitate smooth transition and an easy movement from a small business to an established venture.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a former banker who has benefitted from running an idea that seeks to offer support to young entrepreneurs. He quit his position as a banker in 2014 and went straight into entrepreneurship, where he launched the Swiss Startup Factory. Before he went to banking, he pursued Finance and Banking. He later went for an MBA at Rochester University then later finalized with an Executive MBA from the Bern University.

WEN By Chaz: No Foam, No Lather, But Seriously, Your Hair Doesn’t Need Any

Let’s look at some hair care facts. Many popular shampoos and conditioners smell divinely, produce tons of foaming sudsy action and can be both drugstore cheap and boutique expensive. These brands also usually contain some evil ingredients in their blends, namely the sulfate sisters, SLS – Sodium lauryl sulfate and SLES – Sodium laureth sulfate. These two nasty chemicals eventually strip everyone’s hair of their natural oils and weaken the hair in a damaging way.

Now, let’s examine the holistic alternative in Wen hair By Chaz. The pioneer of the no-poo method, offers customers a relaxing and healthy way to cleanse and condition hair of any type and texture. These no lather shampoos have been developed into unique cleansing conditioners, featuring herbs and botanicals like glycerin, calendula, rosemary, chamomile and cherry bark. In addition, these formulas also smell heavenly, and the scents last for hours.

WEN By Chaz hair care products will never contain damaging chemicals, let alone the harshness of the SLS and SLES family. These culprits merely produce big foam for cleansing, and according to Chaz Dean, you don’t need the lather, because it’s not providing much value in the long run. He should know; he’s been a well-respected celebrity stylist for a number of years now. Chaz Dean carefully developed his special no lather shampoo system, so women could have a healthy choice for maintaining gorgeous hair.

Ask any woman about her bad hair days, and you will learn plenty. None of us feel comfortable when our hair won’t behave, looks dull, stringy or flat. WEN By Chaz features soothing blends that gently moisturize, add body and softness, manageability and super shine. It’s economical, too, because one bottle of cleansing conditioner will shampoo, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a stay-in conditioner. Wen hair care products are available on high end stores like Sephora and online thru

WEN, really is a better way.

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Steadying Up the Mexican Oil Giant Cotemar’s Ship



Cotemar S.A. de C.V. or Cotemar is a company that offers services in the gas and oil industry. The company was started in 1979. It has grown to become the biggest Mexican gas and oil service provider.


The company’s mission to provide offshore oil services is driven by its efficient processes achieved by the use of industry-leading technology and goal oriented people. The company’s vision is to be a viable business by engaging in different sectors in the oil and gas industry. The company values integrity, reliability, humility and innovation.


Services that Cotemar Offers


Cotemar provides services in the offshore oilfields. It uses specialized vessels and works to ensure that the services rendered meet the quality and safety.


To offer quality services, the company subdivided its operations into three categories:


The construction sector is tasked with modernizing and introducing innovation to the clients’ offshore equipment and processing centers. The specialized service vessels are involved in the transportation of people and other light materials. Other ships are used to haul large structures. The accommodation and catering departments offer nourishment and cleaning services among others to their clients.


Working Experience


Working at Cotemar exposes one to one of the world’s most advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry. It helps one advance his knowledge in different technologies.



Approach to Sustainability


The company’s 1996 strengthening of the transport services of the different sectors increased its market share. To ensure the use of the best technology, the company is always exposed to new industrial knowledge. The company also uses specialized vessels in different activities.


Cotemar’s Silent Mexican Oil Revolution


Despite being in a crisis, the company is optimistic about getting out of it. The crisis has been fuelled by the termination of two outstanding contracts by Pemex and failure to renew the contract with Prosafe.


The crisis in the oil sector has seen industry players adopt cost-cut policies. For instance, Pemex’s 100-billion-peso (mdp) cuts meant the cancellation of the contract with Contemar to reduce its costs.


The company has seen reduced income due to the reduction in the renting rate of their equipment. Consequently, the company has been forced to cut its labor force by about 2,300.


The company’s stability is boosted by the use of its specialized vessels by the national oil company. The ships are being used in transportation, maintenance, and construction going on in the Mexican oil industry.

Cotema, Mexico and it’s continued offshore drilling for profit and prosperity

Competing with those you’ve avoided because you think they are too competitive in the first place is one of the weakest things a competitor should do. After all, you never know when they’ll need you by their side. This is what’s happening in some offshore oil rigs; with the a $45 billion investment and 30 contracts of auctions to date on offshore exploration and production in the offshore maintenance and oil production, companies like Cotemar and others are needed.


Rewind back to the 80s

According to the Energy Secretariat of Mexico, a major research project went underway. The Perdido fold-belt in the northwestern deep Gulf of Mexico, rests in water depths of 7,500-10,000 feet. The so-called consortium consisted of four industrial companies back in the mid-1980s, and they consisted of companies like Texaco, Shell, Amoco, and Mobil. They all leased the mineral rights in this silent fold-belt in the mid-1980’s.


Fast forward because the silent revolution has begun in these deep waters off miles from the Mexican shores. Drilling is in demand. One major oil company that will be part of a huge billion dollar investment is Cotemar S.A. de C.V. (founded in 1979) and is based in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. Cotemar and several other private companies will be exploring offshore with a joint venture agreement that has been in the works for some time now.


The Mexican offshore oil company is known for their years of experience in the offshore oil industry. Some of their obligations to stay a reputable industrial oil company is to provide maintenance and services that all relate to the offshore drilling and exploration of oil fields in specific vessels.


Here are some of the duties Cotemar from Mexico has under their belt.

– The overhauling of platforms and process centers in offshore facilities

– Working on the decks for the construction of pre-manufactured equipment and storage areas

– Operating semi-submersible platforms

– Operating diving equipment for overhauling work of process lines and surveying

– Personnel food catering and accommodation services (i.e. food preparation, ironing services, laundry services, common area cleaning…)

– Provide recreational facilities (i.e. cinemas, gyms, basketball courts, entertainment rooms with television…)

– Operate vessels and the transportation of structures which are needed for oil exploration, such as abrasive bulk materials, barite, sand, mud,…to name a few.

– Processing along with the transport of oil and liquids that are extracted from the platforms

– Fire fighting services and hydrocarbons spill services


The belt offshore

According to the Energy Secretariat, it’s imperative that drilling is taking place off the Trion field. The exploration and production contracts meet the “threefold goal of increasing hydrocarbon production,” which will guarantee national interests of tax collection in forms of royalties. Also, one of the objectives is to reduce the limits of certain companies that have overtaken such areas like the oil giant Pemex and aligned them with other companies that are notably attractive in and favored in oil production as well. With that in mind, there are incentives to companies which vote with their investments “for the most favorable conditions” that will meet these goals.


There has been approximately 30 contracts of these specific auctions to date which will leave behind 7,000 mdd. In fact, the oil out of Mexico is considered an asset, not a liability to those of national interests. Maximizing the value, the government is still deciding to invest more in the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, or Nigeria.


With the main incentive being that the reform of drilling is considered “trivial” still because in this global society and environment, the largest country with the largest hydrocarbon reserves is still the U.S.


What is pending is the framework of legalities; this then becomes the challenge of hydrocarbons, energy, and the environment all together. Therefore, by accelerating with companies that are up to reinvention, it will change the most important factor in all the exploration of offshore oil exploration in the Gulf…that is a positive profit for the Mexican economy which is much needed.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners Have Been Providing Great Results For Women For Decades

WEN cleansing conditioners have more than 10 years backing them up, and they are still holding strong today. Today, women from all over the world have used WEN hair’s amazing and all natural formula to tame their unruly hair, as WEN has been specially formulated to work on all hair types for women, including hair that is damaged. Chaz Dean, the creator of the WEN hair care line, put a lot of time into perfecting his formula and making sure the ingredients were capable of providing a thorough cleanse without stripping the natural moisture from the hair. The end results is an effective cleansing conditioner that can tame even the most unruly hair and make it both healthy and beautiful.

According to, in order to really perfect his 5 in 1 formula for his WEN product line, Chaz had to spend a ton of time testing out different ingredients to ensure the formula was capable of working on all women’s hair as well as provide a good deep cleaning without stripping natural oils from the hair. On top of creating the perfect all natural formula, Chaz also made it affordable for nearly anyone, coming in at less than 40$ a bottle on average. WEN cleansing conditioners are exclusive to the online marketplace and can be purchased from retailers such as QVC,  Sephora and Ebay.

With the huge number of women out there today looking for great products that are all natural and healthy for their hair, WEN has a good future ahead of it, especially since it is not nearly as expensive as typical all natural products women may be able to find at their local salons. WEN’s formula is so good in fact, that it can replace most other typical shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and overnight conditioners, letting women take care of all their hair needs with just one product.

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Capital Group Success Attributed To Its Leaders And Staff’s Commitment

Timothy D. Armour is indeed a veteran at Capital Group, with thirty three years. Immediately after his graduation from Middlebury College, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, he joined Capital Group as a participant for the Associates Program. As a participant, he continued learning and showing dedication to the company and the clients that he served. He was therefore promoted to equity investment analyst.

Here, he was bestowed the role of giving counsel to clients and working with his team to get the clients solutions for their needs, and also covered telecommunications and also served other service companies. Timothy Armour’s commitment to the company was once again recognized and he was appointed as the company’s vice president.

A few months before the tragic death of the then company’s chairman, Jim Rothenberg, the board had a plan to appoint Timothy Armour as the chief executive officer and Chairman to replace Jim. However, when the tragedy hit the company, the board elected Tim Armour as their CEO. He is also the principal executive officer at Capital Research and Management Company Inc, which is part of the company. He is also the chairman of the company’s board management committee.

Timothy Armour and his staff have done a great job with the company. He has led the company into various strategic partnerships which puts the company at an advantage. Recently, Capital Group announce their strategic alliance with a Korea based Samsung Asset Management Company. Capital Group will work with Samsung Asset Management Company and provide them with management information. This partnership opens opportunities for Capital Group to expand its operations in Korea.

Timothy Armour has more than 33 years of experience in investment banking. From his understanding and from an expertise point of view, Tim encourages his clients to invest wisely and spend time learning their companies and the industries they play in. reason being, the economy of the country is slow and its growth stagnant. In a few years, he projects that the Federal Reserve will have to increase the interests’ rates in order to sustain the economy of the country.

According to Yang, a successful reporter, Timothy Armour was the best choice for CEO. She has faith that he will lead the company into success and greater achievements. Timothy Armour’s expertise commitment and devotion to Capital Group and his clients is admirable and honorable. He continues to show and share his skills and expertise with his staff.

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Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen Teaches Others How To Invest

Investing is an action that nearly everyone needs to take during the course of their lives. When people get a job, they are typically offered the opportunity to devote at least part of their paycheck to savings that should help fund their retirement on Many people also find it useful to invest funds on their own. All those who do so will want to explore varied investment opportunities in order to make the best use of their portfolio. This is where someone like Igor Cornelsen can be of use. Igor Cornelsen has spend much of his life investigating the field of banking and the stock market. In doing so, he has enjoy a great deal of financial success along the way. His investors have benefited from his many insights in the world of the market.

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An Expert In Brazilian Banking

Igor Cornelsen is an expert in many forms of investing. However, his particular interest is that of investing in the Brazilian markets. As a Brazilian banker, Igor Cornelsen had the chance to watch as the nation saw a huge economic expansion. In a recent article, he talked about his own insights into this world. His views of the world of Brazilian banks is one that was formed during his own role in helping provide expert advice to many such institutions. In watching the capital markets on really start to unfold in this region, he helped gain an understanding that he knows can be applicable to the world of investing today.

Insights For Today’s Investors

Today, Cornelsen looks at the markets both locally and internationally and sees that people can take away certain lessons from this era. Igor Cornelsen’s advice remains to focus closely on the need to do as much as possible to minimize any kind of financial risks. He knows that it is possible to have losses if people do not have the right kind of advice. This is why he urges people to start investing as early as possible in order to be able to enjoy financial rewards over the long term and have a portfolio that will truly grow along with them.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny: A Dedicated Soldier in the Cancer Battle

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncology professor at the New York based Roswell Park Cancer Institute. As a scientist, Mikhail Blagosklonny focusses his research on aging and cancer. He is known for his aging and rapamycin research on life longevity.

In his studies, he has proposed the use of the drug to extend the lives of cancer patients by exploiting the likely function of TOR-Signalling in aging process. His research has been used in studies regarding anti-aging drugs, the mechanism behind aging as well as cancer therapies aimed at protecting normal cells from damage.

Education and Career Background

Before he joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny was a researcher at Ordway Research Institute, a position he held for about 7 years. He joined New York Medical College in 2002 right after finishing doctorate in cardiology and experimental medicine at St. Petersburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University, where he had also obtained his M.D. in internal medicine.


Mikhail Blagosklonny is regular contributor in the world of scientific research and in particular, oncology. He has over 300 research articles to his name, he has written book chapters and done the review of multiple studies. He currently is the associate editor for PLOS ONE, The American Journal of Pathology, International Journal of Cancer, Cell Death and Differentiation, Cancer Research, Autophagy, Therapy and cancer biology.

According to Impact Journal, Mikhail Blagosklonny cofounded Oncoscience, Oncotarget and Aging Journals which he also happens to be co-editor in chief. He is also the chief editor of Cell Cycle. He formulated the cell cyclotherapy and chemotherapeutic engineering approaches towards cancer treatment.

He authored a theory on the mechanism behind the aging process referred to as the hyper-function theory. His scientific circle of interests is spread over a variety of medical disciplines including apoptosis, mitosis, cell cycle, signal transduction, tumour suppressors and oncogenes among other clinical studies involving cellular and biology molecular.

Aging and Anti-Cancer Research

His lifelong pursuit of a cure for cancer has propelled him towards the exploitation of cancer cells and turn them to anti-cancer strategies through the use of basic science. He has proposed the use of anti-aging drug, rapamycin, against cancer.

His interests in a cure for cancer have since overlapped with his studies on the aging process. He turns the drug-resisting nature of cancer and its cell cycling process towards the preservation of normal healthy human cells, applicable to both cancer and aging.

Litigator Karl Heideck

Litigation refers to proceedings between two parties before, during, and after a lawsuit to enforce or defend a legal right. A litigator defends the legal action and has to study civil procedure, Constitutional law, Property, and Torts, Criminal Law and Contracts to attain a Juris Doctor from an accredited law school and pass the bar exam. They should be licensed before practicing in any state by taking an exam every time they change states.

Process of Litigation

Investigation – Attorneys and the parties involved gather information on facts and potential outcomes of the case. The information obtained must satisfy there was wrong and that the law provides a remedy for the wronged party to present the case.

Pre-suit Negotiations – Negotiations are conducted between the parties to try to have common grounds regarding the case to avoid the inconveniences that come along with a formal lawsuit. The wronged party writes to the other side with evidence and the value of the harm caused.

Dispute Resolution – A mediator attempts to negotiate a settlement between both sides by putting forth a reasonable amount. If both parties accept then the case is resolved, and if one or both reject, the case is still on.

The Lawsuit – When there is no agreement, a plaintiff files a formal complaint with the court and gives the defendant a notice. When the defendant files an answer, the lawsuit begins.

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Discovery – Attorneys of the two parties, exchange facts and evidence of the case and ask questions under oath where a court reporter takes note for future use. Attorneys engage in motion practice asking the court to rule in their favor by presenting the presiding judge with arguments of their case.

Trial – Both sides take the time to submit their case to the jury starting with the plaintiff. They also have a right to respond to any allegations made and then rest their case when satisfied with the presentation.

Post-Trial Litigation – The losing party can opt to appeal the case if not satisfied with the results. There are motions and hearings even when the jury has made its verdict.


Karl Heideck of PA
Jenkintown, PA Litigator

Karl Heideck is an attorney in litigation, compliance, and risk management review who practices in Philadelphia. He has a bachelor degree in Arts from Swarthmore College. Like any litigator, Karl Heideck received his J.D from Temple University. He currently works for Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Commercial litigation is Karl Heideck’s main interest apart from banking and subprime litigation, and most of his clients have won their cases. He assisted ADA’s in the pre-trials in hearings due to his experiences.

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