Boraie Development and its Resolution of Housing Crisis in New Jersey

Boraie Development LLC is a privately held company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Founded in 1986, Boraie Development owned by Omar Boraie provides various categories of services in the urban real estate market. The company has an exemplary experience in the field of real estate development, management as well as marketing. They are known to collaborate with credible financiers, professional architects as well as contractors to ensure clients get quality and timely work. Boraie Development is among the top companies to work extremely hard to bridge the supply gap for houses in New Jersey.

Housing Crisis

According to an article published on Philly Purge, the housing crisis in New Jersey is worsening by the day. The NJ real estate market is dragging behind due to its high population. The state have mortgage shares and rates surpasses is among the highest. However, there is a definite trend where more households can meet their mortgage obligations. Also, there is an increase in the rate of employment in the area.

Lawrence Yun, a realtor, noted that there were few houses for sales and those on sale are taken at a fast rate. Also, in recent months, fewer house permits were requested. Therefore, there is an expectation of housing crisis worsening in future. Furthermore, the sellers and homeowners were holding off selling waiting for the house prices to increase.

On a positive note, some towns in NJ have experienced positive trend since Great Recession. The development of infrastructure has attracted investment in both commercial and residential houses. More growth is being experienced in smaller towns due to easier access and low-interest rates, pushing supply of homes in the market. One important thing in NJ is the increment of housing cost as well as rents prices. However, with more mortgage credit being available due to lower rates, there is expectation of ease in housing crisis in New Jersey. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Boraie Development

Being the top real estate developer in New Jersey, Boraie Development is among the most sought company in the state. The company specializes in the development, management, and marketing of the residential property. Also, they deal with commercial, retails and student housing facilities in the state and beyond. Boraie Development team can mobilize capital from a reputable financial institution, procure the best architect and contractors to develop a project to client satisfaction. The company’s commitments for quality in its entire department have seen it grow into one of the most valuable companies in New Jersey. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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The OSI company under Sheldon Lavin

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO of the OSI group. OSI is a group which deals in meat and food processing. Mr. Lavin joined the company many years ago. Lavin was an executive in finance company and banking sector. When he entered the OSI group, he knew nothing about food processing. Due to his hard work, he becomes an expert in that industry. Mr. Lavin is also a general trustee in of Rush University of Medical center.

Mr. Lavin never knew that one day he would be the CEO of the OSI group. His journey began in 1970 while he was a financial consultant. As a financial consultant, he was helping the Otto and sons company with financial solutions. The Otto and sons company began to depend on Mr. Lavin greatly. The bank claimed that Mr. Lavin should join the business and become a shareholder.

However, this was against Lavin’s interest. Lavin wanted to remain a financial consultant for the company. In 1975, Lavin began be involved in the affairs of the company. After few months, Otto retired from the firm and the management was taken over by Otto sons together with Lavin. Later Lavin changed the name of the organization to OSI and this how Lavin become a member of the OSI group.

Under the management of Lavin and Otto’s sons, the company has significantly expanded. The company has grown throughout the Europe, North America, Austria, India, Japan and South Africa. The OSI company is one of the best businesses one it comes to food and nutrition. OSI company is the largest producer of protein in the world.

The company has more than 55 facilities in over 16 countries. At the age of 81 years, Lavin is also working hard to ensure the company continues to grow. Lavin’s dream is to take the company to a higher level and make it the best company ever. Lavin is also working hard to ensure the firm expands considerably and it has branches in almost every country.

Lavin is a degree holder in finance and accounting. He has worked in many companies and managed to make them realize their goals. Due to his excellent work, Lavin has received many awards from businesses and non-profitable organizations as a way of appreciating him. Lavin is also an active philanthropist. Lavin believes that once people unit and come together to assist one another they can achieve their dreams. Lavin has helped in many charities such as Jewish united fund and Evans scholarship fund.

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Securus Technologies Designs Crime Prevention Program

Securus Technologies expert and CEO, Rick A. Smith, is committed to solving crime beyond incarceration. Thousands of inmates and their families are communicating over a secure network with the benefits of strict government regulations. In fact, Securus was one the first regulation network providers to go along with a stabilized inmate communication network. They recognized they were able to use their own technologically advanced solutions to create a very successful crime prevention program. Their customers have also attempted to help in their fight against crime by reporting incidences of abuse and fraud on their customer feedback forum listed on their website. You can also speak to one of their friendly IT professionals to file a confidential complaint.


Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Features


– Stop illegal inmate cellphone use

– Eliminate inmate gambling

– Stop illegal inmate money transfers

– Stop telecommunications crimes

– Add additional facility monitoring

– and more…


Their goal is to a make sure their customers are receiving every minute allotted under their contract. As a result, of their crime prevention program, over 2.4 million minutes processed for inmates and their families are proven guarantee over a secure line that costs less.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus is an interactive inmate communication provider with rates that are unmatched by their competitors $4 to $1. You can find many features and services listed directly on their website. Their features allow you to pay for calling credits up front, visit securely over the internet, leave an inmate a voicemail, and more. More customers are switching to the Securus Technologies network because they’re putting the needs of their customers first with programs which gives them less fees and more time to talk to the ones they love in a correctional facility.


You’re invited to visit their interactive website for more details on their programs and services today.


Jason Hope and the SENZ Foundation for a Longer Life

Jason Hope, businessman, advocate and advisor has dedicated full support to causes he believes in. He is from Arizona where he uses his expertise and experience to support things he believes in. One such cause is the fight on chronic diseases caused by aging. Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease some of the serious conditions that happen as we age. Hope is determined to finding new ways to eliminate illness associated with aging, and more information click here.


One group that Jason Hope supports is the SENZ Foundation. The foundation was founded in 2009 as a new way to research illness and aging. The heart of SENZ is a program called Rejuvenation Biotechnology which is the use of medical technology to help heal damage to our bodies caused by the natural process of getting older. As opposed to trying to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s or heart disease, Jason Hope and the SENZ Foundation hope to target the onset of these conditions by energizing the systems in our bodies.


Jason Hope donated a half million dollars to the SENZ Foundation in 2010. This generous contribution helped open the Cambridge SENZ Lab, created to research and discover new approaches. Hope says he gave the money to the SENZ Foundation because he strongly believes in the group and he feels SENZ is the answer to questions of healthcare, and learn more about Jason Hope.


One core program at the SENZ Foundation is the Age Breaker Program. This program offers a therapy that assists the breaks down advanced glycation end product or AGE’s for short. AGE’s happen as a result of each person’s metabolism that causes the loss of elasticity in our bodies, and


Jason Hope is a proponent of SENZ and its cutting-edge medical technology in the anti-aging process. Not only does Hope advocate for the Foundation financially but he also guides the foundation with outreach and information on the internet. Jason has had much relevant experience with being an internet businessman. He has started many different projects that he believes in. Born in Arizona and raised in the Temple, Jason Hope received a degree from Arizona State University and then an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Trend Micro questions #IoT device #security @DougOlenick

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 17, 2016

Hope is recognized as a philanthropist and offers his support to things he feels strongly about. He strongly favors a healthy life for all and he hopes such organizations as SNS will provide the answer. Hope is not just interested in a longer life for people but also for a better quality of life…longer.

Talk Fusion Takes Marketing to another Level

Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina has published two articles on HuffPost, previously known as the Huffington Post. The first piece titled Promoting With Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience was published on 24th of April 2017. The next article, How To Thrive in a Society of Quitter, was also released the following day. Huffington Post changed its name to HuffPost is a new twist in its mission of telling the stories of people left out of the dialogue, and this is according to what the editor in chief Lydia Polgreen said in a letter. HuffPost’s initiatives are in line with Bob Reina’s mission as a contributor and the head of Talk Fusion Company.


Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina says that he believes in the art of innovation and a brand’s name is never complete. He aims at setting people on a path to success, irrespective of where they are in the world, or their background. That, Bob says, is very evident in the articles that he has written. Bob has been contributing to the HuffPost since August 2016 where he has highlighted entrepreneurship marketing and trends in video technology, lifestyle, skilful selling as well as self-development.


Bob is pleased that his Contributor Platform took a turn to nurture the things that matter, thanks to their re-branding. They include culture and fulfilment. He looks forward to sharing more insight through his articles not only to the Talk Fusion’s Clients and associates but also the 200 million readers of HuffPost.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a Florida-based video marketing company offering video marketing solutions to its clients. Talk Fusion assists business to be unique and beat the competition, maximise sales and profits and keep their customer satisfied so that they can come back. Talk Fusion is dedicated to offering more dynamic ways to make marketing more interactive, persuasive, and memorable through the use of video.


Its innovative products are marketed one-on-one by independent Associates who are in more than 140 countries around the globe. To get the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution 30 day trial, just visit Talk Fusion Website. Learn more:


Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a series of tests and procedures designed to uncover previously undetected health issues, or those that have developed since your last medical tests or Life Line screening. These tests can provide early detection and ensure that any existing health issues don’t become more serious problems. Life Line screenings are conducted in a professional setting by trained medical doctors.

Life Line screening is important, particularly as we age. As we get older, the risk for certain health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, etc, increases. According to statistics from the National Stroke Association, the risk of stroke alone more than doubles every ten years after the age of 55.

Preparation for a Life Line screening will depend upon the type of procedure you will be having done. For example, if you are having a Life Line screening done to check for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, you will be required to fast for 4 hours prior to screening and eat only a light meal before beginning your fast (approximately one-half of your usual meal, and all foods that don’t cause bloating or gas); if you take prescriptions medications or if you are diabetic, follow your normal daily routine of taking your medications as described and follow your daily diabetic routine.


You will also need to dress accordingly for your Life Line screening. Again, the type of clothing you will be required to wear will depend on the screening procedure you will be undergoing. For a Life Line screening for Carotid Artery Disease you will need to wear a short-sleeved shirt or blouse with an opened collar. For an Ankle-Brachial Index screening to detect peripheral artery disease, you will need to dress in a two-piece outfit consisting of comfortable. loose-fitting garments with a short-sleeved shirt or blouse, and no pantyhose or stockings.

Many people are apprehensive when going in fro their very first Life Line screening because they don’t know what to expect. The office where your procedure will be performed can answer any questions you any have to help put your mind at ease. Some of the most common concerns and questions include how long the screening will take the exact time depends upon the specific procedure, but most are completed in just over an hour; privacy in the screening area. Privacy screens are always used, and the only clothing you will need to remove is shoes and socks – this is the reason for specific clothing requirements for each type of screening; and the accuracy of Life Line screenings only state-of-the-are, cutting-edge equipment is used by highly qualified and trained professionals to ensure the most accurate test results possible.

The benefits of Life Line screening speak for themselves. Early detection of almost any medical condition can mean more successful treatment. Being health-conscious is a great feeling. It gives you and your loved ones peace of mind and assures you that all is well. Life Line screening is something everyone should look into.

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Ricardo Tosto’s Achievements as the Partner of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados

Ricardo Tosto is famous law graduate from the famous University of Presbyterian and happens to be the holder of a law degree and also holds a business administration extension course from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Ricardo Tosto  is also the founder and the partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados from Brazil which happens to be one of the largest law firms in the country. He is famous for having so many clients who are very proud of being associated with his services and also his professionalism. His law approach is very unique and also believed to possess great managerial skills. Annuario Analysis Advocacia helps in giving out reports that the great lawyer is one of the best in the Brazilian land.

Ricardo Tosto happens to be one of the most famous Brazilian Lawyers with knowledge and experience. He happens to have been one of the greatest Brazilian entrepreneurs known and is also believed to have come from very far. He started his firm with a very small firm but currently have expanded to great heights in terms of achievements. He is currently the holder of the biggest offices in the Brazilian land. He has become a wealthy person in that country and has been able to achieve a lot in terms of developments.

Ricardo Tosto has been on a mission to help many companies and people. He has always been on the forefront to help them and with time, he has been able to be recognized nationally. He has represented non-governmental organizations, governments, politicians, companies and also large multi-national organizations. He has always defined his clients with experience and has been their defense for quite a long time. He has always been on the forefront advising them on the best way to operate and conduct their businesses in a better environment and more

An Overview of Dick DeVos and his Charity Works

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. popularly known as Dick DeVos is an American businessman, philanthropist, and author from Michigan. Born on October 1955, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he began working in his father’s company, Amway Corporation. He studied at Forest Hills public school system and Northwood University. He rose to become president of Amway in 1993, a position he held until 2002. During this period, he was solely responsible for all activities of the company in over 50 countries. His leadership saw him triple international sales by penetrating new markets.


Dick DeVos started a firm in 1989, the Windquest Group, which majored in the manufacture and distribution of closet organizers. He is the current administrator of The Windquest Group and the firm today has diversified interests in hospitality, manufacturing, technology, clean-tech industry, and nonprofit solutions. In 1991, his family acquired Orlando Pirates and DeVos was President and CEO of the NBA team for three years. In 2006, he decided to join competitive politics, and he vied in the elections for the Governor of Michigan on a Republican ticket. As an author, his books, ‘Believe!’ And ‘Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People’ among others are available at Amazon for purchase.


Dick DeVos is married to Elizabeth DeVos, or just Betsy DeVos and they have seven children. Betsy was recently appointed as Secretary of Education by new President, Trump. Together, the couple started the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation through which they have donated millions to civic, educational, and religious projects since 1990.


DeVos is credited to have started the country’s first charter school offering aviation classes, West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is located at the Gerald Ford Airport. Furthermore, Dick DeVos founded the Education Freedom Fund which has awarded thousands of deserving Michigan children with scholarships. His passion for better education saw him serve on the Michigan state’s Board of Education. He has worked tirelessly to improve the health care system in Michigan with the construction of a Heart Hospital to the tune of $130 million and a $90 million Medical School. He has aided the revival of Grand Rapids’ downtown with the construction of a $30 million Market, a $212 million Convention Centre and a $75 million Downtown Arena. The couple’s foundation has also injected massive funding into arts. A good example is Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which has received donations over $22.5 million geared towards supporting children with talents to exploit their full potential. Dick DeVos is genuinely a generous man who loves giving to charity.


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Review of NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch has partnered with numerous companies and individuals to promote their products. Recently, Avanca and their sister company Ockel have reinstated a partnership with the NewsWatch team. This is the second time the companies have come together. During their first promotion on NewsWatch, Ockel was launching the crowdfunding campaign. Ockel credits some of the success of the campaign to the promotion of their product on NewsWatch.


In March of 1990, NewWatch TV aired its first episode. During this period in the shows history, each episode was focused primarily on financial matters. During the approximately thirty years that the show has aired, the topics that are covered have increased greatly since the 1990s. Such topics include travel and tourism, finances, consumerism, and technology.


NewsWatch TV airs weekly. Each week a new topic is approached and discussed. While most of the time, these discussions are held with experts in the field of discussion, occasionally, the show will star a celebrity or two that is knowledgable about the topic. It is expected that as the culture of the world changes, so will the topics that are discussed on the show.


In conclusion, NewsWatch provides companies the opportunity to promote their products. In turn consumers and viewers are able to educate themselves on topics, as well as products, with each episode. NewsWatch Tv provides an excellent way for individuals to begin understanding the topics presented. However, the show provides only a surface level of discussion, and viewers are encouraged to further investigate the topics.


Adam Milstein the Voice of the Israeli-Americans

Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation headed by Adam Milstein which he founded with his wife in 2000. His father and mother were both immigrants from Argentina and Mexico respectively. The family spent time in Kiryat Yam and later moved to Kiryat Motzkin. Adam Milstein upon coming of age joined the Israeli defense force a fought in the Yom Kippur War and then joined Technion where he attained his undergraduate in business and economics.

In his four years while in school he took an interest in his father’s real estate endeavors where they worked together. Adam married Gila Elgrably in 1974 and later moved with his family in 1981 to the United States. It is in the US that he received his second degree in business administration from the University of Southern California where his passion in real estate redeveloped. The couples have three children and three grandchildren.

He has grown to become a managing partner in Hagger pacific properties and is also the co-founder of Israeli American council. He is a board member of several organizations such as AIPAC national council, Jewish Funders Network, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.

When he migrated to the United States and gained his masters, he got job offers that didn’t pay him according to his experience this drove him to become a real estate broker. He had a good streak that prompted him to start out as a real estate developer. His persistent has been his key to success. Throughout the years, having set goals and drive to accomplish them led to the growth of the company. In general, he enjoys his works despite the unpredictable nature of real estate.

He founded a philanthropy group that sponsors young students with Israeli background and empowers them to stand tall for the Israeli nation and the Jewish people. He is the chairman of the Israeli American Council. He has been involved in bringing together groups to harvest the full potential of Israeli communities. This is to stop the growing hate about the Jewish people in America in the inaugural Maccabee summit.

Recently he started podcasts with thinkers, artists, and activists to spearhead the critical issues of Jewish communities living in America. He is among the top 100 most influential people in the Jewish community and the senior 25 twitter activists.